I love making lists. LOVE, love, love it.  


My favorites are to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, blog post ideas lists, gift ideas lists... the list (ha ha ha! I crack myself up) goes on.


A few months ago I got the idea to make a list of things that made me happy. We all have those days where we get in a funk and nothing can get us out of it, right? Having a list of things that make me incredibly happy has helped on those days where I'm just in a bad mood to bring me out of it!


Here's the list I made back then and I still refer to it, even months later :)


I'm also proud {and not at all surprised} to note that, although I didn't intend to restrict myself, all these activities are free or very cheap :)


There are a few more activities I should add, like napping, taking a bath (since I finally learned to like those!!), watching Vanderpump Rules, watching anything on Food Network, and playing Free Tetris. Guess I need to get a bigger post-it note! :)


In other news, I took two pretty pictures last weekend and I want to share them with you even though they have nothing to do with this post.


Exhibit A: pretty clouds while we were attempting to meet friends at their apartment (anyone else have that struggle the first time you go to someone's apartment complex-- "Which one is your building? Wait, where do I park? What door should we go to? Do you see us?" hahaha)


Exhibit B: We spent some time volunteering last Saturday morning making care packages for soldiers! (side note: I really miss volunteering... I feel like I did it all the time in college but not so much anymore) The event was held on the military base where I used to work so afterwards we did some exploring/reliving of my former work-life :) There's a little beach area on one part of base so we went there and admired the view! So pretty. Fun fact: that land wayyyy in the background of the picture is Maryland!



Have you ever made a list like this? What is (or would be) on YOUR happiness list? :)

PS-- HAPPY FRIDAY and happy long weekend for those of you with Monday off! I'm giving myself Monday off (#entrepreneurperks) so I'll catch ya on Wednesday!