I’m a HUGE fan of learning about personal development. One thing that I've gotten from my personal development research is that sometimes, making little changes in your life can be more effective than trying to make BIG changes.  


I think that's pretty accurate for me-- I often get on these crazy kicks of "I need to exercise more!" or "I should read the top 50 entrepreneurship books ASAP!" but having such a BIG, kinda undefined, goal is tough to swallow. For me, creating a few little habits works better than trying to tackle a big one.


My current little habits (in progress) are:


{isn't that the funniest looking little tree?}


1. A 30 minute walk (or sometimes a run) every single day.

It sounds easy- and really, it kinda is- but it ensures I get outside and exercise for at least 30 minutes. And a bonus is that once I’ve walked around for 30 mins, I’m more likely to do another type of workout (Tone It Up Bikini Series videos!). But even if I don’t feel like doing any sort of workout, just dragging myself out the door and walking for 30 mins is enough to make me feel semi-exercised ;)



2. Writing 750 words each work day.

I recently stumbled across the site 750words.com. The site is really cool- it encourages you to write at least 750 words every day (about 3 pages).


For me, the site functions as half diary and half therapist. I basically word vomit all my thoughts/worries/excitement/etc and by the end, I'm feeling good about life. (I like that no one but me can read my writing- a blog is great and all, but sometimes you don't want anyone else to read what you're writing! ;) ) It's also good because it gets me in the writing mood and is probably beneficial for my writing skillz.


Unfortunately, the site is not free. You can get a 30 day free trial, but then it's $5/mo after that. I recently finished my free 30 days and forked over the $5 for the month. (and you guys know me- I don't give up my dollas very easily!)



I am hoping that after enough days of doing these activities, eventually they'll become habit! In the meantime, to help myself remember to complete each activity, I add them to my planner. I love crossing things off my to-do list, so this is a big motivator!


BTW- Don't forget that today is National Donut Day! Get yourself a free donut!



{Today I am linking up with Katie Did What to talk about healthy habits! (...well, minus the donut talk.) Check her blog if you want to see some super cute baby pics ;) }



What's one REALLY good habit that you have in your life? Brag about your habit-forming skills-- I want to get some more ideas! :)