Guys. I’m rather proud of myself today. Want to know why?




Yup, that’s right, I have a real live email list now. SO LEGIT.


I’m planning some big things next year with this email list.... I’m going to start sending out monthly Saving Money Challenges!


At the beginning of every month, I’ll send an email that challenges you to cut spending in a specific area of your budget. One month we might attack grocery spending, another month we might examine restaurant spending. Don’t worry- it’s only for a month! You can do anything for a month, right? :)


So... what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


[okay, shameless promotion time is over ;) ]




In news unrelated to email lists, we had a pretty awesome weekend! It finally started snowing up here (I was jealous that VA was getting snow and NY wasn’t!) and it is so glorious. The snow up here is so powdery- I’m used to heavy gross wet snow in VA; but here it’s like glittery little crystals. Obsessed.


One reason I like the snow so much is because I know I never need to drive in it.  Mike's a much better driver than me so he chauffeurs me around :) I’m going to see how long I can let the snow accumulate on my car until I have to clean it off...


One night last week we walked out on our front porch (it’s shared between everyone in the house) and there was an elliptical just chillin out there. So random?!


I am so obsessed with Love Actually. Friday night we watched it (for the second time this season) and made chocolate chip blondies (kinda like a choco chip cookie just in bar form). I was a little sad because the blondies didn’t turn out as well as they normally do. BUMMER. Oh well, it’s still chocolate and sugar and butter, I guess I shouldn’t complain.



We made a Thanksgiving-ish dinner on Sunday night and it might have been the best meal we have ever made. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, dressing, and cranberry. It was heavenly. I used this recipe for the chicken and it was PHENOMENAL. Even better than turkey would have been! Try it ASAP. You can thank me later.



Our most recent homebrew is done!  We did the Brewer's Best PSA IPA this time- it is pretty good!



How was your weekend? Did you save any money? Have you signed up for my email list yet? :)