I spent the last 2 days huddled in my bed getting over some crazy allergy/cold/sickness. Wednesday I slept 16 out of 24 hours and spent my waking 8 hours sneezing uncontrollably. Ridiculous. I was hoping that NY wouldn't give me allergies as bad as I got them in VA? Evidently not...  


I think I'm finally getting over it, but that means I've been SUPER lazy and don't have anything too thought provoking to share with you today.


Except this awesome BuzzFeed article that I recently found and pinned to my Pinterest page (PS are we Pinterest friends yet?! Friend [follow? whatever the term is] me!!)



22 Cheap Answers to Pricey Beauty Products

(PS for any guys reading this, sorry, this clearly isn't your type of post, haha)


Check out that article and thank me later for saving your makeup budget.


I've never used any of these products so I can't vouch for them... but I do really want to try some of them! I am very interested in #4 (eyeshadow primer) because I use the Urban Decay version and it is rather pricey! And I'm in the market for a new eyeliner, so #7 is looking pretty tempting, too :)



Where do you shop for makeup? What are your makeup must-haves?

I usually shop at ULTA or Target. My must-haves are eyeliner & mascara... I have blonde eyelashes so mascara is a necessity.