1 // Makeup Hacks

Awesome blog reader Anna S. emailed me the other day to let me know that she figured out the best makeup hack EVER. (okay she didn't actually say that, that's my language ;)) She was trying to figure out how to get all the product out of her Bare Minerals powder (because it's in one of those little circular containers with that plastic sifter piece in the way) so she googled it. She found a YouTube video that taught her exactly how to take the container apart so that she can use up ALL the product! Ummmm, I love this so much. Seems like a small thing, but come on, if you buy something, try to get everything you can out of it! ((thanks for sharing with us, Anna!!)

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2 // Strawberry Hacks

I went a little summer-fruit crazy at the grocery store last week and bought a watermelon, 4 peaches, and 2 lbs of strawberries. I wanted to make sure I had time to eat everything before it spoiled*, and I know strawberries are notorious for spoiling in like, a day. So I googled strawberry storage tips and came across this post which suggested storing the UNBRUISED (veryy important) berries in a sealed container, in one layer, lined with a paper towel. So I separated the bruised from perfect berries (I left the bruised ones in the original plastic container, in the fridge, and ate those first) and put the perfect berries in a glass tupperware with a paper towel. (I stacked them because I didn't have enough room to just do 1 layer)



DUDE. This was the most perfect thing ever because they stayed fresh for an entire WEEK!!! That never happens with strawberries! They probably would have been okay for a few more days but I ate them ;)


I think separating the perfect berries from the bruised ones definitely helps keep them from spoiling, so I would absolutely recommend doing this next time you get a lot of strawberries. Oh, and don't wash them before you store them, wait to wash until right before you eat them. Happy strawberry eating! :)


*sadly, the watermelon didn't turn out so well... I cut it all up at once and stored in the fridge and that was not the best idea. You are supposed to only cut what you're going to eat (maybe I'd do half at a time, and saran wrap the uncut side and put in the fridge) and also drain the liquid that accumulates in the cut-up portion. I let ours just sit in the juice for a few days and it started to get really weird... gross. Lesson learned!



What's your favorite makeup/food/life hack?

One of my favorites that I might have shared on the blog is that if you have a tall candle that you can't light with a normal lighter, and you don't want to buy a fancy long lighter, you can light a piece of uncooked spaghetti and use it like a long match! It really works.