This is part of an ongoing series of “How to ______ without spending a billion dollars”. Catchy title, I know ;)


Did you catch the first few posts? I covered going out to bars and eating at restaurants, and this is a continuation of the third post about going on coffee/shopping dates with friends!


Disclaimer: I'm a big fan of prioritization in your financial life. I firmly believe that if you really want to spend your money on something, you should do that! (but then cut down your spending on some other area of your life so you don't go broke)


So if, in any of these "How to _____ without spending a billion dollars" posts, I suggest an activity here that you ACTUALLY do want to take part in, then by all means, PLEASE go do it!


I'm not saying that you should never spend money on any of these activities. These are just things that I notice other people getting roped into... and if there's one thing that I really hate in life-- it's feeling obligated to spend money on something that you don't want to do. So I'm just trying to give you some options to gracefully turn down friends who ask you to do things that you don't want to do!


Without further ado, here's another "friend date" that you might encounter...



The Mani/Pedi date!


Going out to get a manicure and/or pedicure is pretty popular "friend date" in 20-something girl world. For me, personally, this one is an easy NO. And most of my friends know this, so I don't often have to turn people down.



For me, I just don't enjoy going to get my nails done... I hate the cuticle snipping and pushing! ugh. ow. it hurts just thinking about it. I would much rather do my own nails at home and skip that terrible cuticle step.


Side note: if you are ever trying to torture me (why am I admitting to this on the internet? oh well too late now), the easiest way is to touch my finger nails. Seriously- I cannot stand feeling people touch my nails. Is that weird? I discovered that fact in middle school when someone was drawing on my nails with a pencil or something weird like that… BAH I was in such agony.


So yeah, moral of the story is that I'd much rather do my own nails than pay to have someone else do them.


Also I own approximately one billion nail polishes so it makes sense to do my own :)


Sooooo what do you do if your friend asks you to go get your nails done?



How to turn down a mani/pedi date...

Maybe try something like: “Oh, what a bummer, I JUST did my nails! How about you go get yours done then come over afterwards and we can hang out?” (and then frantically re-paint your nails so they look fresh, haha)


Or perhaps the truth: "you know, I really don't like getting my nails done... but I'll totally go and keep you company!"


Or another truth: "Thanks so much for the invite! But this month I'm really trying to start saving up for the holidays, so I just don't have the money to get a manicure... but I'll totally go and keep you company!"


Or suggest another option. Like a coffee date! That's much cheaper :)



Or, if you're like me and have a billion nail polish colors, invite your friend(s) to come over and have an at-home nail painting party! My college roomies and I did this ALL THE TIME. Together we probably owned every single color nail polish ever invented... it was great. (PS miss you Katie & Marg!)



What if you can't turn it down?

Unfortunately, there may be some instances that you really can't turn down going to the nail salon-- like if you're in a wedding and the bride wants everyone to go get their nails done. In that case, see if you can only do one, either a mani OR a pedi. Not both!


And if you do have to go, always choose solid colors- no designs or french manicures. Those are more expensive! (unless, of course, you WANT to get one of those, then definitely pay the extra $5 or whatever to get what you TRULY want!)




Do you like getting manicures & pedicures?

As I mentioned above... NOPE. I would much rather do my own nails in the comfort of my own home. Without that evil cuticle pusher/snipper. Ugh!