Be honest with me for a minute...


How much time do you spend at work surfing the internet? (that's such an old phrase but it just fit here, haha) How many breaks do you take throughout the day to check your email, Facebook, phone, etc? Do you eat lunch at your desk and spend time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter or Instagram?


How much time do you spend once you're home surfing the internet? Scrolling through your newsfeed while you lay on the couch and watch Are You The One (that show is my current addiction... so good), stalking people on Instagram while waiting for water for Mac n Cheese to boil, playing Candy Crush (is that still a thing?) while waiting in your doctor's office waiting room... etc.


What if you added those minutes up and actually DID something with them?


Here's my newest idea: Create a folder of Favorites/Bookmarks in your internet browser. I named mine "Downtime" but am still brainstorming for something more inspirational than that, haha. 


In that folder, bookmark sites that inspire you, motivate you, educate you, and/or remind you to do productive things. And since this is a personal finance blog, I suggest bookmarking quite a few that deal with finance/minimalism/being happy with what you've got... etc :)





Here are the bookmarks I'm using so far:


Other ideas:

  • Bookmark your local library's website and use your downtime to look up books to read and put them on hold. (or use a site like Goodreads)
  • If you're trying to learn something specific (for example- how to save more money!) bookmark a bunch of sites that teach you about that subject. (have you heard of this AWESOME site called Saving Money in your Twenties? You should really check it out... ;) )
  • A list (I like Google Keep, but whatever online list keeping tool you like) of gift ideas for upcoming friend/family birthdays (ah- or Christmas! SO SOON)
  • A list of things you can accomplish in 10-15 minute chunks. For example: update your list of work accomplishments, write in your journal, research healthy recipes, check your credit card statements, clean/organize your desk, etc. You can even have separate lists for 10-15 minute WORK tasks, and 10-15 minute HOME tasks. Updating your list of work accomplishments isn't something you'd really do at home... etc.


I am still getting in the habit of turning towards those bookmarks during my downtime rather than automatically going to Facebook or Gmail... but eventually I'll break my bad habits and replace with these more productive sites! I'd much rather use my downtime inspiring and educating and inspiring myself (and being productive) than stalking those people from elementary school on Facebook (...again.)



CHALLENGE! Make a "Downtime" folder right now!

What sites will you put in your Downtime folder?

(and do you have any folder names better than "downtime"? anything more creative would be greatly appreciated, haha!)