Is it just me, or does figuring out what to eat get kind of exhausting after awhile?  


I fixed that issue for breakfast by starting to make big breakfast casseroles- that has become a HUGE time saver in the mornings and I no longer have to stare at the fridge/cabinets deciding what to make for breakfast.


It's not so much an issue for lunch, either, because we usually have leftovers from dinner.


But to come up with dinner ideas- oh man, does that get exhausting.


I hate the feeling of going to the grocery store on Sunday, and by Tuesday already saying, "uhhh... so what can we make tonight?" And those nights of not knowing what to make are the exact nights that we end up at a restaurant. No bueno!


To remedy that issue, I'm going to attempt to "meal plan" for the next few weeks and see if that helps!


Here is what I came up with for next week.



I went through the list of meals and made my grocery shopping list from that. I think this is a much more efficient way of grocery shopping since I know all these ingredients will be used in a meal.


It also helps prep for dinner, because in the morning, I can check our meal schedule and see if I need to defrost anything from the freezer. It's not a huge hassle to defrost stuff before dinner, but it's really nice to have that step out of the way.


I'm excited to see if this helps next week!


Do you meal plan? Do you think it helps you save money?