I really hope that this title gets THIS song stuck in your head... because it's stuck in mine!


Anyone who has gone through my Budget Coaching program knows that I preach one thing A LOT. Like, a lot, a lot.


Wanna know what that is?



(sorry, I'm not yelling at you... caps lock was just necessary there, ya know?)



Why are financial priorities such a big deal?

If you don't have financial priorities, you're just spending money all willy nilly! You have nothing to work towards. Nothing to hold you back from dropping $200 at Target on stuff you really don't even need (it's true, don't lie). Nothing to motivate you to save a few bucks every month. Nothing to stop you from ordering takeout from that fancy place down the street every night.


Nothing to stop you from buying massive quantities of these guys. (if you haven't tried them yet, they {surprisingly} taste EXACTLY like chocolate cake... it's really freaky)



What if I'm not really sure what my priorities are?

I get it- we're 20-somethings, we change our minds every 2.7 seconds about what we want out of life. It's tough to figure out what's just a random passing priority and what is an actual, legitimate, I-will-want-this-when-I'm-50, priority.


You want to know a good way to figure your financial priorities out? Ask yourself: "What would I do if I won a million dollars?"


(and this is a purely hypothetical situation, so we'll ignore the fact that it would be taxed like crazy so you'd only get like $600k, blah blah blah)


Seriously. What would YOU do if you won $1,000,000?



If I had a million dollars, I would...

  • Keep going with my biz. I'd invest in some higher quality equipment, like maybe a real video camera for my videos and maybe even a real monitor. And perhaps a standing desk so I don't have to DIY it! (see above) oh and a non-broken desk chair (again, see above)
  • Buy two houses- one to live in and one for rental income.
  • Go on a cross country road trip
  • Oh, and I guess I'd give a few dollaz to my family ;)


Looking over that list, I can very easily pick out my financial priorities: my business, owning a home, having other sources of income, travel, and family. And funny enough- that lines up very well with how I'm living my life right now-- my number one priority is keeping my monthly spending very loooooow so that I can continue to build my business.



What would you do?

Try this exercise yourself! Jot down anything & everything that comes to mind that you'd spend money on if you won a MILLION dollars today. Then review the list and see what stands out-- those should be your financial priorities.


Once you have your priorities, try to line up your spending with those priorities. If you really want to pay off your loans and then travel the world, well then make sure your money is going towards those two things! Stop spending money on stuff that isn't a priority.


Did you see "Buy a really fancy dinner at a nice restaurant?" on my list? NO, you didn't, because no matter how much money I had, I wouldn't care to do that! Fancy restaurants don't make me happy. It isn't a priority. So I don't spend money on it.


And this concludes a world record number of uses of the word "priority" in one blog post. You are welcome.



What would YOU do with a million dollars?