SOOOOOOOO. Remember how Mike and I like to move approximately every 6-12 months? Welp. We're moving again at the end of September!



We are downsizing to a ~700 sqft place (from ~1,000) so need to get rid of... ummm... quite a bit of stuff :) It's actually not that bad... I'm very excited to get rid of things we don't need!


So I wanted to chat (type?) today about my efforts (so far) at downsizing... 


Adventures in downsizing

1. Listed my old computer desk on Craigslist!

It was the one I worked full-time at for over a year... it was teeeeeeny tiny, I really don't know how I survived! (also that's a super throwback pic taken in our Rochester apartment. wahhhh I miss it!!!) I was really hesitant about selling on Craigslist- having to meet randos and let them into our apartment to get the desk just seemed scary. Thankfully I live with a boy so I made sure people were coming by when Mike was home, too. After a few failed contact attempts (people emailing and saying they want to come get it, and then never scheduling a time) I had a successful transaction and made $30! Wooo!



2. Went through my closet and weeded out a LOT of clothes that I never wear. I basically wear the same 5 items over and over again, so all the extra clothes that I really don't like have been just cluttering up the closet and stressing me out. I researched a few different methods of selling clothes, then tried a few, and sold a few items! I'll write a separate post on that maybe next week- I have too much to say on that topic to include in this post :)



3. I rounded up our old books and DVDs and took those to a second-hand store (2nd and Charles- not sure if that's a chain?) to see what they'd offer. They took a few items and offered $6.75. Meh.


In another attempt to get rid of books and DVDs, I downloaded the app "Decluttr" and scanned our books and DVDs that didn't sell at 2nd and Charles. The offer they gave me for all the stuff (maybe 20 items?) was a little under $8. However, I would have had to find a box to send the stuff in (they offer pre-paid shipping labels, but the shipping box is up to you) and that was too much work so I decided to donate instead. (also, I read that they often decrease the offer price based on the condition of your items, and ours aren't NEW new, so who knows if we'd actually have gotten $7.80) I like libraries, so I'll probably bring the stuff to the library and feel good about myself afterwards ;)



4. Finally... drumroll please... I'm allowing myself to just donate the rest and stop stressing about getting money for things!! I heard recently (probably on the Minimalists podcast) that as long as you aren't super strapped for cash, it's best to stop stressing yourself out to sell everything, and just DONATE the stuff instead. Sure, you COULD make money by selling the items, but it does take time and effort to list the items, take them to the post office, etc, and you can come out behind if you calculate shipping wrong (ahem... speaking from experience, I'll explain that in my 'selling clothes' post).


So anything that I wasn't able to sell, I'm not going to feel guilty, I'm just going to donate it and think, "I am doing a good deed by donating this stuff!"


Big old pile of stuff that will probably end up at Goodwill :)



So those are my adventures (so far) in downsizing. It is SO AMAZINGLY FREEING. I keep walking around the apartment looking for things to get rid of. Mike better watch out. It's a LOT easier to get rid of his stuff than mine ;) 



How do you minimize your stuff?

Have you ever sold Things on Ebay??