As I mentioned in a previous post, my mom miiiiiiight be where I get many of my frugal skillz ;)  

Lesson 1: I mentioned this in that other post, but it bears repeating-- she repurposed an old Baskin' Robbins' tasting spoon as a sugar spoon! I love that it's been this way for probably at least 10 years and I am just now realizing how random/genius that is.


Lesson 2: Go to extreme measures to get every bit of soap out of your hand soap containers. This is the aftermath of an attempt at microwaving one of the soap bottles to liquify the soap and make it easier to transfer into the more-full-container.


Lesson 3: Only buy dish soap bottles with flat heads- that way you can easily turn them over when they're almost out, and you'll be able to use it all up!


Lesson 4: To make bar soap last longer, unwrap the bar of soap from its packaging right after you buy it. Being exposed to the air will harden the soap up, and it will last longer! (Check out some other tips to make your bar soap last longer here!)


Thanks for teaching me the good stuff in life, Mom :) You're the best. Love you!!



What frugal tips and tricks have you learned from your parents?