1.  This pin on Pinterest (see image below) made me die of laughter the other night. I was laughing so hard (but trying to muffle it since Mike was asleep, so you know, just basically hyperventilating) that I woke Mike up. OOPS. And then every time I thought of it I started laughing again. It was so bad.  


2. I'm 100% obsessed with this song. I listened to it probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times on Friday. When I find a song I like, I overplay it until I'm sick of it. Anyone else with me?  I'm basically rotating this song with All About That Bass and Shake It Off ... so I'll probably hate all 3 of those songs in about a week. Hah.



3. Since it's now September and therefore we are just days away from winter in Rochester, Mike and I took advantage of a 80+ degree day on Saturday and spent the day at the lake! We drove to a spot about an hour away and spent a few hours tanning napping.


And then we got ice cream. This gem was BUBBLE GUM SOFT SERVE with sprinkles. Amazing.


4. We also went through a bunch of old clothes and took stuff to Plato's closet to sell-- I made $19.90! I'd never sold anything there before, and it turned out to be really easy! But dang, they are picky. They took 4 of my items (out of probably 15) and NONE of Mike's! Boooo.


5. I'm sending this month's SAVING MONEY CHALLENGE email at 11:30 EST today (finally discovered how to schedule emails in advance, go me!) so hurry, go sign up for my list ASAP! :)



What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever sold clothes to Plato's Closet (or another clothes buying/selling store)?

Are you signed up for my email list? :)