So we have a new roommate... one I'm not so happy about.  


A FLIPPIN' MOUSE IN OUR HOUSE!!! (or perhaps more than one, but I refuse to admit that there could be multiple... ugh)


A few weeks ago Mike mentioned seeing a mouse, but I didn't believe him (because I was in denial). Then this past weekend we were standing in the kitchen and A FREAKIN MOUSE RAN ACROSS THE KITCHEN. Still gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it, ugh!


Scene of the crime. The mouse ran from the left side (behind the trash can) to the right side behind the radiator. He was a quick little guy.


So we went to Walmart looking for mouse traps, but unfortunately all of those were the non-humane type. And, I mean, I don't like having a mouse/mice in our kitchen... but I do have a soul and don't actually want to kill the poor little critter(s)! These mouse traps were so terrible-- even the packaging was like, "KILLS MICE DEAD!" uhhh what about people who don't want to kill a mouse in their home??? Perhaps the usual Walmart clientele don't care about that... haha. I was looking for something more like this, I guess.



We decided, instead, to improvise a mouse trap.  A little bit of peanut butter on the inside of a glass jar, perched precariously on a piece of cardboard. Idea is that the mouse will smell the PB, go inside the glass, then try to get the peanut butter. As soon as their weight hits the side of the glass, the cardboard falls and traps the mouse underneath!


But alas, it's been 3 days and we haven't caught a mouse. But I know they're still there... so perhaps it's time to suck it up and get that real mouse trap (the humane one). I don't deal well with small critters sharing my space and it's time they get relocated from our humble abode.


Lesson to be learned?


Sometimes it's good to DIY and save a few bucks... and other times, it's worth it to suck it up and spend a few bucks. Especially if it might free you from a mouse infestation.





Have you ever had MICE in your house? What did you do?

Related: can you recommend some deep breathing exercises before I pass out from thinking of rodents in our house? haha