So I'm back to work this week.  It's good, because I was getting a little stressed out that I hadn't even transitioned any of my tasks over and really needed to start that process; but also bad, because I could use a couple extra free days this week to pack and clean.  


Oh well.  I should be thankful that I will be getting paid for my furlough time (I'm in DoD) and many other government employees still don't even know when they'll be back to work, let alone if they'll be paid!  Yikes.


This week is full of work tasks, work parties (they're throwing me a going away lunch on Thursday [with Chipotle], oh my god I'm going to cry), and boxes.  Sooo many boxes!



And sooo many empty spaces.  The closet is looking sad without our stuff! :(


In the interest of making sure that I'm ready for this move, today I'm going to share with you the most important list that I've ever come up with (no, I never exaggerate, why do you ask?):



How to Move

  • Get a crap ton of cardboard boxes.  Go to your local liquor store, ask around at work (find the person who orders supplies, let me tell you, they'll be more than willing to give you their emptied boxes), ask your friends, check out craigslist, drive around your neighborhood and befriend someone who's moving in and ask to take their boxes once they're unpacked.  There are so many ways to get FREE boxes, I don't know why anyone would pay for them.
  • Also get a permanent marker and some packing tape.  You might not think that labeling your boxes is that important- but yes, yes it is.
  • Start eating everything in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.  Embrace the fact that you're going to be eating some weird combinations of food for the next few days until you've exhausted your supplies.  Once your cabinets are empty, then you can go to Chipotle.
  • Do you need a moving truck or storage unit?  Rent those as far in advance as you can.  If you're getting a u-haul, rent that first and then rent your storage unit.  Some storage units will give you a free month if you're renting a one-way truck (i.e. moving from one state to another).
  • If you're renting a storage unit, do you need to get any special locks?  We need a disk lock (what even is that?) so I need to get one of those before we move.  Or we can buy one from the storage unit, but I'm sure that's more expensive.
  • Cancel your utilities:  water, electricity, cable/internet, trash, etc.  Sometimes you might need to return items (such as your cable box, thanks Vanessa!) so remember to build that errand into your last-minute-schedule.  Or beg a family member to do it after you leave (oh by the way, family, I've got a favor to ask...)
  • If you're going to be breaking your lease, tell your rental company AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.  At our complex, you not only have to pay the fee to break the lease, but you also have to give them 30 days notice! So we're paying an extra ~12 days that we don't need just because we didn't realize we had to give 30 days notice.  Check your lease to make sure you know the rules for your specific apartment.
  • Make a list of things to clean.  Cleaning may be one of those last minute things that you hurry to do before locking the place up, so it can be helpful to come up with a list in advance.  This will ensure you clean everything - which may save you from paying the complex's ridiculous cleaning fees (it could cost up to $75 if I don't clean out the fridge crisper drawer?! seriously?!)
  • Do you need to get the carpets professionally cleaned?  If so, call around and get quotes and set up an appointment for a day when all your furniture is moved out.  Or if your complex offers to do it, check out what kinds of fees they charge.  It might just be easier to let them do it once you're gone.  (this is what Mike and I are doing)
  • Get a pot of spackle and fill in any ridiculously large holes in your walls.  I believe most complexes don't mind a "normal" amount of wear and tear for picture hanging, etc... but if you have an excessive amount of holes in the walls, you might want to take care of those rather than face a steep fee.
  • Write out (hard copy) the address and directions to the storage unit and u-haul drop off.  On moving day, you want to be sure you have this info easily accessible just in case your phone dies or something.  Don't leave it all in your phone or computer and assume you'll be able to pull it up once you get there- I feel like that's a recipe for disaster.



Can you think of anything else that I'm missing?