So, I should probably give you an update on (f)unemployment, right?  


I'd love to say that I've been so productive this week and have come up with oodles of money making schemes that I can implement starting next week that will bring in thousands of dollars a day so that I can move to a tropical island and lounge by the beach all day for the rest of my life.


Alas, I've been a bit lazy so far.  But I guess that's allowed.  After the chaos of quitting my job, packing up my life, and moving 6 hours north in the last 3 weeks, I think I've earned a mini "vacation" :)


I do have some ideas of what I want to do next.  But first will be apartment hunting.  We have 1 month free storage (since we rented a 1-way Uhaul) so as long as we get our stuff out by November 12, we won't have to pay for the storage unit at all.  But if we need even 1 extra day of storage, we have to pay for an entire month.  Bummer.  So needless to say we're becoming BFFs with the Rochester Craigslist in an effort to find a place by early November.  Wish us luck!


Anyway.  Packing and moving were really stressful, I'll be the first to tell ya.  I get overwhelmed really easily (just ask Mike, poor guy has to put up with it) so fitting all our worldly posessions onto a truck was quite the ordeal for me.  But I think I learned a few tricks that I want to share with you... and also that I want to remind myself for the next move!



How to Make Moving Easier


1.  Get more boxes than you think you need.  Get more boxes than you possibly could ever need and then get 10 more.  And then 5 more for good measure.

The worst thing in the world is to run out of boxes!  It's so much easier to if everything is in a box rather than a mishmash of trash bags, duffel bags, trash cans, reusable grocery bags, etc.  Our truck was a disheveled mess because of that.  Yeah, I know that not everything can fit in a box.  But a majority can!


1.a.  Get some bigger sized boxes, too.  The ones we got from the liquor store were all kinda on the small side... we could have benefitted from a few bigger boxes to fit larger sized items in.


2.  Ditch the contents of your fridge.  I made a valiant effort to keep our fridge contents.  I hate throwing away things like condiments- then when you move and get settled you have to buy everything again and it gets pricey!  But by the end of this move I was throwing everything out.  Relish?  Buh-bye.  Mustard?  NOPE.  8 eggs?  SEE YA.  No room for this foolishness.  Be realistic with yourself.  You aren't going to want to stress yourself out with finding boxes to move your fridge items in, keeping them cold, immediately finding a fridge to unpack them into.... etc.  If possible, give your fridge contents away to a friend or family member.  You'll be glad you did.


3.  Stop pretending that you're going to keep cooking for the last 3-5 days before you move.  I wasted a ton of energy and space because I wanted to keep some kitchen supplies available so that I could keep cooking right up until the day before we moved.  Give that idea up.  You should just stock up on sandwich fixins, frozen TV dinners, or treat yourself to Chipotle for those last few days at home.  If you want to keep things cheap, maybe you can plan ahead in the month or so before you move, and make some of your own frozen meals (separate into single servings in tupperware containers).  That way you can continue to eat well -and cheaply!- without needing any kitchen supplies other than a microwave.


3a.  Buy disposable goods.  This goes against my normal beliefs because I usually don't like disposable things... but I would suggest that you buy paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable silverware to use for the last week before you move.  I kept a set of dishes, cups, and silverware out to use right up until the day we moved out.  But it would have been so much easier if I had just admitted defeat and packed all that stuff up together and used disposable goods.  Now all our dishes and glasses are haphazardly thrown in different boxes because I packed everything up at different times.  What a mess.  Just get the throwaway stuff and don't worry about it.  That $5 of paper products will save (some of) your sanity.


4.  Have drinks that are easy to dispose of.  Mike and I used our stash of homebrew to entice our friends and family to help us move.  This was all well and good (and delicious), except for the fact that we like to keep those bottles.  On packing day, Mike was permanently glued to the sink trying to keep up with washing, drying, and packing away all the bottles that we were drinking from.  Next time we move, I'll either get cans of beer or we'll just not care about saving the glass bottles.


5.  Sleep on the floor.  Keep your comforter, a blanket, and a few pillows out so that you can make your own little bed on the floor the night before you move out.


6.  Stock up on non-perishable (& easy-to-eat) breakfast and snacks.  We needed breakfast and snacks for our road trip, but I hadn't thought ahead to buy anything like that.  So we ate leftover cold pizza for breakfast (thanks for leaving that with us, family!) and stopped at a gas station to get snacks during the drive.  I should have gotten a box of PowerBars or trail mix and that would have covered us.


7.  Leave your job at least 2-3 days before you move. I know this isn't possible for everyone but... I worked right up until the day before we loaded the truck, and this was a little stressful.  It would have been easier if I could have finished work on Wednesday or Thursday, so that I would have had an extra few days to pack up all my work clothes and desk supplies and going away presents :)



So there are my tips for an easy (/easier) moving day.  I'm determined to make every move easier than this one-- mostly because I've vowed to become an extreme minimalist from now on ;)