Have you ever seen a cuter picture in your whole life?!?! I THINK NOT.


So. Mike's parents have 3 wild kittens living under their deck. We finally saw them the other night and OMGGGG fell in loooove with the little guys (or gals.. not sure haha).


Now we're trying to decide if we should adopt one (or two. or three. how can we only take one and split the trio up?!?!) but I'm just not sure. I mean, I know I eventually want a pet- but I'm not sure I'm ready yet!



Reason 1:

I've never had a real pet (fish, gerbils, & hamsters were the only pets we had growing up... not quite the same as a cat)


Reason 2:

I'm trying to save as much money as humanly possible while I get my biz up & running. I don't really know how much cats cost but I'm worried about adding another cost to my monthly budget!


Reason 3:

This is a BIG commitment. Cats can live, what, like 20 years? Am I ready to commit to taking care of something for 20 years?!


Reason 4:

We are trying to move back to the DC area this fall, which would mean we'd be apartment hunting again. Our landlords right now are super chill about pets, but what if we find an apt back in Virginia and we have to pay a monthly pet fee? Back to that cost thing: I'm not trying to up my expenses at this point in my life!


Reason 5:

There are 3 of them-- you can't split the siblings up, how sad would that be?! But I really don't think I'm prepared to go from zero pets, ever, to THREE!



BUUUUUT. On the positive side, I do, eventually, want a pet... why not get one now when I can save at least one of these little cuties?!


You peeps are really smart so I'm asking your opinion:



Do you have pets?

How much do they cost you per month?

What would you do in our situation?

Do you agree that those are the cutest kittens you've ever seen?