I've mentioned this before, but I have an unhealthy obsession with the Mr. Money Mustache blog. If you haven't checked his blog out yet, do it ASAP! (you know, right after you're done reading this post ;) )  


MMM is a super amazing frugality blogger. He and his wife quit their jobs in their 30s after saving up enough money to live off forever-- just by saving money while they were young!


Anyway, a few years ago (almost 4!! whoa) he posted about how to save money while grocery shopping. It's a great post, but my favorite part that's stuck with me ever since then was his final comment at the end of the post about cereal.


He suggested that whenever you eat a bowl of cereal, mix it with 50% plain, dry, rolled oats (uncooked). I do this ALL THE TIME now and love it!! I know cereal isn't exactly the most healthy food but I feel better including healthier oats with it! Also it's cheaper since oats are generally cheaper than cereal... so you're stretching your expensive cereal by adding inexpensive oats!


We usually get a knockoff of Honey Bunches of Oats (Wegmans brand, family size, obviii) and the oats go great with it!! I actually think it makes the cereal taste better :) I also sometimes add walnuts and chia seeds on top!


So first- pour the cereal.


Next, oatmeal. (I guesstimate amounts.. this might be 50%, might be less. Who knows)


Then chia seeds


Then walnuts.


And mix!


It is SO good and totally keeps you full longer than just eating plain cereal... and it's cheaper! (okay, the walnuts and chia seeds might bump up the price... :) ) Next time your cereal craving hits, try mixing it with oats! I bet you'll love it :)



What's your favorite cereal?

I would have to say that currently it's this knockoff Honey Bunches of Oats.. we've been getting this for 4+ months and I'm not sick of it yet! (which is shocking because I get sick of foods super quick) I also reeeeally like Lucky Charms. But I haven't tried that with oatmeal yet since I probably haven't had it in years... hah!