Up until a few days ago, I prided myself on never getting tired of certain meals. Mike and I had a rotation of meals that we made every week (including burritos, baked chicken, thanksgiving chickenstir fry, and spaghetti) and I liked them all.  


Until last week, when I suddenly hated everything we make.


Has that ever happened to you? Ugh, it was the worst. I couldn't get excited about ANYTHING we had in the fridge. So this week we picked up some new foods and I am super excited!


We started by whipping up two awesome things during our Sunday football watching (still going strong in my attempt to become a football fan) -- Nachos and mini pumpkin pies!



Up first: NACHOS

We totally winged this and it turned out SO great!



The toppings we used:

  • onion
  • black beans
  • tomatoes
  • frozen corn
  • CHEESE (on my portion... Mike still doesn't like it. BOO)
  • shredded chicken (1 chicken breast baked with taco seasoning then shredded up- we have also done this by putting the chicken breast in the crockpot on high 7-8 hrs or low 3-4 hours with salsa and taco seasoning on top, then shredding)
  • salsa
  • plain greek yogurt (which we use instead of sour cream, totally tastes the same and is way healthier!)
  • cilantro (had some leftover from last week's salsa football snack!)


Put all those toppings on top of some chips, bake at 350 for 10ish mins, and BOOM! you have some deeeelicious nachos :) Seriously, so good. I want to make these for dinner sometime! It's pretty healthy, right?




Remember when I asked last week if it was too early to make pumpkin pie? Welp- you guys said that it was totally okay. So I finally caved and made them yesterday :)


I used this recipe (found on Pinterest-- hey, are we Pinterest friends yet?) and added mini chocolate chips to half the batter... just because :)


We topped them with whipped creme and they were AMAZINGGGG. You should make them, like, today.



Have you cooked anything delicious lately?

What's your fav dinner recipe? I need new ideas!