Do you ever have the same items on your to-do list from week to week just because you don’t want to deal with them?  


That’s been the last few weeks for me. I had two tasks that were giving me this nagging feeling but I just kept ignoring. Friday morning, I made some espresso (I usually just drink tea so espresso is approximately 97x more caffeine than I’m used to) and got down to business.


Issue #1: Give me my money.

{I’m not going to admit which bank I was dealing with on this issue. I’m pretty annoyed but I’ll refrain from publicly bashing them because I am, I guess, technically, in the wrong.}


Mike and I recently signed up for a new bank. We got checking accounts and a new cash rewards credit card. Let me note that we signed up for the SAME cards on the SAME day at the SAME bank with the SAME lady. Within 15 minutes of each other.


We really just wanted the checking account, but saw online that the credit card had a $100 cash reward bonus if you spent $500 in the first 3 months, so we decided to get that too.


Fast forward to a few months later, after we have both certainly spent $500 within the allotted time frame. Neither of us received our bonus. So Mike did one of those online chat things to ask about the status of his bonus. They looked into it and a few days later, he received his $100. Cool.


A week later, I called to ask about my bonus and they said they’d look into it. I soon received a letter in the mail saying I wasn’t eligible. WHAT?!


So Friday morning, (after the caffeine kicked in) I logged onto their online chat, and asked what the deal was. The chat lady looked into it and told me that the $100 cash back was an online offer- you were eligible for the reward only if you signed up for the card online. WHAT?! WHY WOULD THE INITIAL LADY AT THE BANK NOT HAVE TOLD US THAT?!


So I guess whoever gave Mike the bonus didn’t look into it correctly to make sure he signed up online. Which is good, because this entire time, he was uber paranoid that we didn’t sign up right.


He kept saying, “should we have told them that we wanted the $100 bonus?” and I was like, “no, it’s automatic, you don’t have to tell anyone, DUH”


But it turns out Mike is smarter than me (as usual) and we SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT and maybe the bank lady would have been like “oh, you can’t get that reward by applying in person” and then I’d be $100 richer.




Lesson learned, kids: don’t assume anything when you’re dealing with banks. I assumed that the bank lady would have acted in our best interests and told us about the online-ONLY offer... I was wrong.


But I guess I'm glad that one of us got the bonus :)



Issue #2: Fix my teeth.

The other nagging task was finding a dentist. After quitting my job last year, I got back on my parent’s health insurance which is based out of the DC area. This means the only dental providers who accept the insurance are also in the DC area.


I spent 30ish mins on the phone trying to figure out if I could see any dentists in NY. Unfortunately, it was a big fat “nope!” If I go to a dentist up here, I’ll have to pay out-of-network costs. Womp womp.


I got a little bummed but then realized that our dental insurance isn’t all that good anyway- I normally have to pay $30 for cleanings and somewhere around $150-200 for fillings. Maybe that’s not that much more than out-of-network costs?


So I googled around and found two dentists in the area. I sent them emails asking for their out-of-network costs.


I got an almost immediate response from one saying that an initial exam is $105 and cleanings are $88. No mention of cost for fillings (now that I think about it, that might be variable depending on the severity of the cavity?) but I’m going to guess that if a cleaning alone is $88, fillings would be astronomical.  And I know I need at least a few cavities filled (my teeth stink).


So. Back to VA for dentistry I go. But at least I researched it to be sure!



Lessons learned?

If you learn anything from my extreme annoyance today... it’s:

#1- don’t trust big banks. they are not out to help you.

#2- out-of-network dental costs are kind of ridiculous.

#3- drink some coffee before doing silly tasks and it will be slightly more enjoyable.



Do you have any nagging tasks on your to-do list? Have you ever gotten RIDICULOUSLY ANGRY at a bank before? (tell me I’m not alone...)