First things first:

I made a slight edit to my post from Wednesday ;) my dad reminded me that it's probably not a good idea to suggest that people leave their wallets in their car (to avoid spending money on a shopping trip) because duh, you shouldn't leave valuables in your car. That's just asking for trouble. Soooo I edited the post slightly ;) thanks for looking out for everyone, Papa J!



I'm about to THROW MY INTERNET OUT THE WINDOW. It keeps cutting out like, every 4 minutes. It is SO FRUSTRATING. I keep using capslock because I want you to understand JUST HOW ANNOYING IT IS when you're searching for something online and every other page you click doesn't load and then you have to sit there for 30-60 seconds while the internet reconnects. Anyone else in Rochester having this problem??? (cough cough Kate? Emily?)



The thing I was searching for when the internet was crapping out was freakin' health insurance. Side note: shopping for insurance IS TERRIBLE. Especially when your internet is questionable, haha.


Anywayyyy. I will stop complaining about things because, duh, it's FRIDAYYYYYY yay! Tonight Mike and I are meeting his parents and going to a hockey game, woohoo!


And I'll probably spend the rest of the weekend trying to sneak our Christmas decorations up from the basement because I think late October is perfectly acceptable to start decorating for Christmas... right? Sadly, Mike doesn't share that opinion. So I'll have to sneak 'em up. Wish me luck ;)


Oh, okay so seriously. Onto the point of this post.


I have recently discovered that you should really never get an oil change unless you have a coupon for it. Did you know how many places offer coupons for oil changes?? Um, I'll give you a hint... LIKE, ALL OF THEM! Have you ever searched for one of those coupons before getting an oil change? Until this week, I never had.


But seriously. Next time you need an oil change, google around to see what places are near you, then look to see if they offer coupons on their website. They probably do! I found a ton of places that were offering $19.99 oil changes, and I even found a coupon that included a tire rotation! So that was cool.


You could also keep an eye out in those obnoxious flyers they stuff into your mailbox? Sometimes there are good coupons in there, too.


Moral of the story = You don't really have to ever pay full price for an oil change (unless you have fancy oil or you like going to one particular place, or something like that). Do some research and you'll probably be able to save yourself a few bucks!



And then also be sure to hang out in the waiting room while your oil gets changed and eavesdrop on other people's conversations. I listened to these two people jabbering for like 20 minutes about their whole entire life story. They even ended up sharing phone numbers and made plans to meet up at their beach houses in Florida this winter. I told Mike that if I was an identity thief or generally shady individual, I probably could have stolen both of their identities and/or broken into their beach houses. They shared phone numbers, their full name and spouses' names (spelling included, haha), the exact location of their beach house AND when they would / would not be at the house... ummmm probably not good things to be sharing with the entire Midas waiting room, guys.


Oh, and my other tip for today? I shared it on my Instagram but just in case you missed it... this chapstick is really good.



Do you look for oil change coupons?

Whats your favorite chapstick flavor?

Mine used to be the blue moisturizing kind, but cake batter might have just replaced that...