I'm not sure if you've heard about the missing UVA student Hannah Graham? She went missing last weekend after leaving a party by herself. As I write this (Thursday afternoon at 3pm) they still haven't found her :(  


This is hitting really close to home for me-- not only because I've visited UVA quite a few times, but because the story (at least from what they've released of it) is frighteningly... normal.


Since most of you reading are females in your 20s... I want to take today's post to do a little PSA... ok?


I know I make a big deal on this blog about saving money. A few bucks here and there really can add up to a significant savings each month! But lemme say this right now:


NEVER. EVER. EVER. skimp on your safety because you're trying to "save money".





I mean... have you ever been in this scenario?


You're out with your friends, you decide that it's time for you to head home but the rest of your friends still want to stay out (or they live in the opposite direction of you).


You have a mental battle with yourself as you leave the bar: should you walk home, or should you take a cab or some other form of mass transportation? You know the cab would be smartest, but you ARE trying to save money, so maybe you should just walk home and save the $10 or $20 cab fare...? It might be sketchy, and it's late at night, but gosh, that $20 is a LOT of money just to get home...


You might feel invincible (especially after drinking...) and think "oh it's just a mile, it's pretty well lit, I've never seen anyone sketchy, I really shouldn't spend money on a cab, I'll be fine!" but it is SO so so not worth it.


Never skimp on your safety.


And look out for your friends, too. Don't let anyone leave alone.


Don't let a few bucks be the difference between you (or a friend!) getting home safely.



Be safe this weekend, please <3