Numero Uno: Rochester is def trying to get me out of here ASAP.

Woke up yesterday morning to snow that I had zero clue was even called for?! (perhaps I didn't check the weather reports, but STILL). It was only like an inch or two but I was like, "ok, I get it, time to move"



Numero Dos: Happy New Year's Eve!

What are you guys doing tonight? I still have no clue what we're gonna do. This picture is from last NYE... I can only assume that I will be wearing that same sparkle dress tonight, so don't judge when you see me in it again... k? :)



Numero Tres: 2015 Planners!

I have a bit of a planner obsession, if you don't already know. (And also a pen obsession, but that's a story for another day.) After much research, I decided on this Moleskine planner for 2015.



I like it because it really fits how I use planners: I generally make one big list of things to do for the week, and then each morning pick the tasks that I'll tackle that day. The left side of this planner has a weekly layout, so I can write all my specific to-dos for that day, and the right page is blank for my weekly list. It's the best layout (for me) of any of the planners I looked at.


I will say that the pages are slightly thinner than I would prefer (you can kind of see on the right page there, the words from the next pages are a little visible) but other than that, its perfect.


(Speaking of planners, here's my best ever tip for remembering birthdays... seriously, do it & never forget a birthday again!)



Numero Cuatro: Be safe tonight, please!

Whatever you end up doing tonight, be safe. Don't drink and drive. Spend the extra few bucks on a taxi to get you home if you need to. Saving money isn't worth putting your safety at risk.



Now tell me: what are you doing tonight? I might need to steal your ideas, haha....