As you know, I'm about 1 week away from quitting my job and moving up to New York with Mike.  This means I need to start figuring out how I'll make money for myself- ASAP!  I'm trying to stay away from the "traditional" jobs--which in my mind are defined as 9-5 office jobs.  Here are some ideas that should keep me out of the office:


Freelance Writing

This article from Afford Anything really opened my eyes to the world of freelance writing.  I think I've talked about Paula before, but here's a brief synopsis of her story: she lived very frugally for her first few years in the workforce, which allowed her to save up enough money to quit her job and travel the world for 2+ years.  Once she came back to the US, she knew she did not want to get another office job.  So she hustled and found freelance writing jobs to pay the bills!


She has an interesting way of describing the jobs that support her.  She says that there are two types of jobs- Pepsi and Versace. Pepsi jobs are high volume for low prices; Versace are low volume for high prices.  She says that you should start out by finding as many "Pepsi level" jobs as you can to get your bills paid.  As you build a reputation and get more experience, you'll be able to snag Versace jobs, which will gradually allow you to get rid of the Pepsi level jobs until you're all Versace level.


At the end of the article, she lists 7 websites to use for freelance work.  I can't wait to check these sites out!



SEO Writing

SEO (search engine optimization) writing is a pretty new field, but one that's gaining major popularity!  This article describes SEO writing pretty well:

"This is writing that is focused on grabbing the attention of the search engines using specific, targeted words or phrases (called keywords or keyword phrases), and using them in specific ways.

Now, why would this be important for websites? Because websites need to draw those people who are searching for certain things. They need that traffic to come to their site, and stay on their site, to buy their product or click on their ads. So, they need search engines to point people to their site."


Websites will pay for people to write these keyword-heavy articles-- and this is called SEO writing.  On Location 180, there's a great guest post by someone who built his SEO writing empire and quickly became profitable, making $3,000 in his first two months.  He goes into detail on exactly how he built his site and how he started contacting companies.  The steps he took are pretty easy- just a little legwork involved!



SEO Consulting

Instead of doing SEO writing, you can go the route of SEO consulting.  This incredibly detailed post promises to teach you the basics of SEO in 48 hours.  This knowledge is helpful if you're trying to go the SEO writing route; and it can also be helpful if you'd like to become an SEO consultant!  Any company with a website wants to see their site ranked high in search engines, so having the knowledge to get their site seen by search engines is a profitable skill to have.  This is another post that I need to check out ASAP!



This is the idea that excites me the most.  I've been reading the book $100 Startup (YOU SHOULD READ IT TOO) and I now have a few business ideas floating around in my head.  I like the idea of knowledge-based businesses: you don't need a brick and mortar storefront anymore to make money.  You just need your brainpower and customers, and you've got a business!



For people into writing, e-books may be the way to go.  These are (fairly) easy to produce and you can market and distribute yourself- saving the headache of a traditional book publishing where you deal with agents, publishing houses, etc.  A great resource that teaches you about writing, publishing, and selling an e-books is Pat Flynn's eBooks The Smart Way (this link takes you to his site- just type in your email address and the guide will be sent to you!).  His guide walks you through the brainstorming, writing, formatting, legal disclaimers, how to sell (and how to get money), pricing, marketing, etc, of an ebook.  Definitely something to check out if you're thinking of going that route!


Thankfully, my research has shown that there are a ton of different options to make money that don't involve the traditional 9-5 office job.  I can't wait to try out some of these strategies for myself- I'll keep you updated as I work my way through the list!



What kinds of non-traditional jobs have you tried?  Have you considered any of these options?