I know this has happened to you, too:  


You see this awesome money saving tip online. (Pinterest, probably)

You think “Oh my god, this is going to change my life! I’m going to start doing this immediately

You try the tip.


It doesn’t quite work the way you wanted it, and you end up saving $0.15 while wasting 5 hours of your life.


Don’t worry, it happens to me, too.



Poison beans

Recently, we (okay, I) decided that we could save money by cooking our own kidney beans. I didn’t really do any math before arriving at this decision, because I assumed that it would be a very profitable endeavor.


So I bought the bag of dry kidney beans. When I got home, I started researching how to cook them in the crock pot.


Problem #1 immediately arose: evidently kidney beans can be EXTREMELY POISONOUS if you cook them in the crock pot and they don’t get to the correct temperature. Wait, WHAT?! Seriously?! (yes, seriously)


So now I have this bag of dry beans and the fear that I’m going to kill Mike and I over 40 cents (oh, right, by this time I had done the math and realized that I’d only be saving somewhere in the neighborhood of $0.40 by doing this... whoops).


But I forged ahead and made the beans. I had to boil them for at least 2 minutes, then drain, then put them in the crock pot, then cook them for 8 hours, then cross my fingers and hope that I boiled the poison out of them. They turned out alright, I guess... nothing special. And so much work, ugh. That was not worth 40 cents.



Slow beans

We tried another time with pinto beans (why I didn’t learn my lesson yet, I don’t know). Luckily these had no risk of poison. But this time we ran into trouble because we wanted beans for a meal but I had forgotten to cook them.


Sooooo we had to quick cook them on the stove... and anyone who has ever made dry beans knows there is no such thing as “quick cooking” when it comes to those little guys. Needless to say, we had slightly crunchy beans that night.



No beans

You know, I’m not dissing the dry beans. If they work for you, then more power to ya. But for Mike and I, the biggest way we save money on food is by having a well stocked pantry with easy-to-cook items always on hand. If we have to wait 4 hours for beans to cook, we’re probably going to hop in the car and head to Chipotle instead. That's just the truth.


So that means this is one money-saving tip that is NOT worth it for me.



Have you tried any money saving tips that just weren’t worth it for your time/effort?