I have something half embarrassing, half impressive to share...  


On Saturday, I ate every single meal at a restaurant. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Insanity. I'm fairly certain that has NEVER ever happened before. Once a week is a lot for me, let alone three times in one day!


For breakfast, we went to a bagel place and I got a bagel with veggie cream cheese (I recently discovered veggie cream cheese and am now obsessed)


Then we hit up Qdoba TWICE to take advantage of their valentine's buy one get one free deal :)


This was lunch...



And this was dinner. (I'm not sure why one Qdoba gave us a wrapped up burrito and one gave it to us on a plate? Confusing)


So yeah. Three meals, all at restaurants. I only spent around $12 though ($3.50 bagel + $8.50 Qdoba) because I bought one of the Qdoba meals and Mike got the other. So I guess $12 for three meals is pretty good, hah. But still, every meal at a restaurant is crazy for me.


Other than that, I spent vday stuffing my face with candy from Mike. The gummy bears are already gone and the m&m's are almost done... whoops :)


And we did end up going to a new-to-us brewery for vday: DC Brau! They had free tours and you get two free tastings, so we took advantage of that.


Soooo anyway... on to the point of this post. This weekend I was CRAVING iced coffee. Now here's the thing about my cravings: if I'm craving something, I will crave it FOREVER until I get it. So I know that I would eventually break down and buy iced coffee somewhere (so far I haven't been able to make a really good iced coffee at home... need to work on that I guess!) and that's kinda pricey. Instead, I scoped out the grocery store and found a pre-made Starbucks iced coffee drink and got that.


Spoiler: it was REALLY good and totally took care of my craving for cheaper than if I went to Starbucks! Also, that was a really good breakfast.


Let me nerd out over the math for a minute: the container was $5 for 48 ounces. A tall at Starbucks is 12 ounces (actually you probably get jipped out of a few ounces since they put a lot of ice in there) and I pay $2.25/$2.50ish for those. So I could pay $2.50 for 12oz of coffee at Starbucks, oooor pay double that at the grocery store and get 4x the servings.




Moral of the story... if you have a craving and you know it's not going to go away, think about alternate ways to get your fix. (hah, I don't know any other word to describe that)


Just because you're craving a cupcake doesn't mean you have to go to the fancy cupcake shop down the street that charges $4 per cupcake. Maybe you can buy a box of Betty Crocker  mix and make your own at home... $4 will give you 24 cupcakes instead of just 1!


Just because you're craving chips and guac doesn't mean you have to go to a Mexican restaurant and have a full meal. Go to the grocery store and grab chips and guac there! You'll spend way less and still get what you're craving.



Do you crave certain foods/drinks?

Do you give into your cravings or try to ignore them?