1. Brookeside chocolates are a SCAM. Okay, that's a little harsh but I tried them the other week (after seeing a billion commercials for them on TV for the past few years) and discovered that even though the ads make it look like it's a piece of real fruit covered in chocolate... nope, it's basically a fruit flavored jelly bean covered in chocolate. (not that real fruit covered in chocolate is like, that much healthier or anything; I was just expecting to eat actual fruit, not a jelly bean) Who knew I had such strong opinions about chocolate/candy?

"fruit flavored centers" = I should have known better...



2. I have always believed that some things are worth paying for convenience. (ahem, my current Stitchfix habit) My latest convenience purchase: shredded carrots for salads. We are still (mostly) making salads for lunch during the week, and it is SO much easier to pay a little extra for pre-shredded carrots rather than buying whole carrots, having to clean them, using the food processor to shred them, then clean the food processor, etc. Plus the shredded carrots are only like $1.75 for a big bag so it's really not that ridic.


3. Life lesson: if I have something that I need to do after work (grocery shop, run errands, etc) I am much more likely to do it if I go straight from work rather than coming home. If I come home, it's way too easy to lay on the couch and not get up for 3 hours. The other day I swung by the apt and picked up mike so we could run errands, and I stayed in my car in the parking lot rather than coming inside to get him.


4. I have begun to really hate grocery shopping. I have thought long and hard about this and I think it comes down to the fact that it's kind of stressful-- there's the whole figuring out what you're going to eat for the week (since I try to only shop once a week), then figuring out what ingredients you need for those meals, what other stuff you might need on hand, then actually going to the store, finding the things, battling the crowds (Wegmans in northern VA are ALWAYS crowded, ugh), putting everything away once you get home... it's a whole production! So I've decided to start breaking this whole situation up into two days to make myself hate it less: one day I'll come up with the meal plan and make the grocery list, and the next day go shopping. It's helping a little bit!

(other things that help: having a master grocery list, and writing down my favorite recipes on index cards!)


5. Random realization: I also have recently begun to hate the radio. I used to listen to the Kane Show EVERYYYYYY day and loved it (I'd even download the podcasts and listen to them on long drives) but now radio drives me nuts. Too many commercials, too much advertisement, too much self-promotion... it just all annoys me. Podcasts all the way!


6. Our apartment complex had a pizza party Friday night (complete with alcohol, WOO!) and at one point in the party, this random guy walks in and announces to the room, "I have a flashdrive with pictures of Chernobyl if anyone wants to see!" .... It was very random. Evidently he had gone on a trip there last week and showed us all pictures! This led me to realize that I know NOTHING about Chernobyl-- I remember it being mentioned in school growing up, but I literally could not remember anything about it. So Mike and I spent the second half of our Friday night watching a Chernobyl documentary to learn more about it!


chernobyl documentary.jpg

Pic from my snapchat (ashsaves) We ended up watching this video which was very good!



Welp. That's what is on my mind lately!


Any tips on making grocery shopping more enjoyable???