There’s one major kitchen appliance that I am DYING to own...  


A Kitchen Aid stand mixer.


I blame my mom for this, actually. (hi, Mom!) She has one, so all the baking I did for my first 18 years of life was in that amazing piece of equipment.


Now that I’m out on my own, I have a little hand mixer and let me tell you… it is just NOT the same.


(cookies in the back were made with my hand mixer {+ this recipe!}... the breakfast casserole in front was definitely not made with the hand mixer. But it's the only picture I have that goes with the post, sooo whatev. Also it's from our old apt-- hiiii painted countertops!)


I do kiiiind of a lot of baking (mmm cookies) and every time I make something with the hand mixer, I get angry.


Angry because the mixer flings dough ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. All over our walls, the counters, the bag of flour, my water bottle, the floor, and even all over ME. It’s obnoxious.


So I was contemplating whether I should just bite the bullet and get a Kitchen Aid. I mean, I know I want one eventually, and they last FOREVER, why not just buy one now? I'd rather have my cookie-making process be fun and enjoyable with a good mixer, rather than an anger-inducing process of batter flying everywhere.


But then I remembered that at this point in my life, a $200-$300 mixer really isn't one of my priorities.


As I thought more about it, I realized that there was a much easier, cheaper, and more obvious solution: Fix the BOWL that I mix things in, not the mixer!


The bowl I normally use for mixing is actually kind of short, which is probably why so much of my batter flings across the kitchen.


So instead of shelling out $200-$300 for a mixer… I can just buy a taller bowl! I haven’t found one yet (nor have I really started searching), but I’m assuming I can find one for $20ish, muuuuch cheaper than a stand mixer.


I'll still be able to make cookies, use my current mixer, AND avoid the batter flinging problem. Win-win-win.


Expensive purchase avoided. Phew.



Have you been debating any expensive purchases lately?

Do some brainstorming and see if there’s a cheaper workaround that you can use until you’re ready to make the bigger purchase! (or maybe you’ll realize the workaround is fine and you don’t even need the expensive item!)