One big thing that holds people back from going for their big life/financial goals is that it's reeeeeally easy to get overwhelmed. I think a lot of us have the tendency to want to do everything all at once and get immediate results.  


Just needed a picture to break up the post... say hello to my desk ;) PS see the little piece of paper at the top of my computer screen? I saw a recent episode of Catfish where they talked about some girl's webcam being HACKED and a creeper spied on her through her camera without her knowing?! So now I'm obsessed with covering my computer camera!! There's your public safety announcement for the day...


For example, you might decide that to reach your financial goal, you're going to have to:

  • stop going to Starbucks
  • buy all generic foods
  • make your own breakfast
  • bring lunch to work every day
  • get a library card
  • walk to run errands
  • paint your own nails
  • cancel Netflix
  • ... the list goes on.


(and these are just an example... I'm not saying you do have to any or all of these! You know my philosophy... prioritize what you care about and cut the rest!)


So you step back and look at that list of stuff to do and immediately get overwhelmed. Uhh... that's a LOT of things to do! Isn't it just easier to keep doing what you've been doing and hope that you'll get a big raise at work or win the lottery or find a sugar daddy?


But here's the big thing to remember as you start feeling overwhelmed: it doesn't need to all be done now. Just getting one step closer is all you need to do right now.


So ask yourself this question:

What's one thing you can do to get closer to your financial goal TODAY? Maybe you can skip the trip to Target that you know you don't really need. Maybe you can pull out some stuff from the pantry and make dinner instead of ordering take-out. Maybe you can skip your typical afternoon Starbucks run. Maybe before you go to bed, you can prep breakfast for tomorrow.


There's a million and one things that want/need to do to achieve your financial goals. But instead of getting overwhelmed by that... just pick one thing you can do TODAY to start achieving your goals. Don't stress about it; just pick something and do it. Boom; you're one step closer.


And tomorrow? Do the same thing.

Repeat tomorrow. Pick one thing you can do to get closer to your financial goal and do it. Boom; another step closer. And then do it the next day. And the next. And the next...


Don't make this harder than it really is. Focus on one step at a time and you'll be making constant progress. Just imagine how much farther ahead you'll be in a month, or 6 months, or a year! And all you've got to do is pick one thing a day and do it :)


In other news-- did you know that tomorrow is Ben & Jerry's free cone day!? That pic above is obvi not of Ben & Jerry's, nor is it of an ice cream cone, but it gets the idea across... right? :)



Tell me: what's one thing you're going to do TODAY to get closer to your financial goals?