One of the most fun {NOT} parts of moving is the insane amount of bills that you receive in that first month or so of living in your new place.  


Like, seriously, every day is another bill: a security deposit to pay for your new place's electric, a final cable bill for your old place, the cable bill for your new place... the list goes on. It's ridiculous. Especially when you're splitting expenses with someone else-- that adds a whole extra level of complexity. Mike has written me like 100 checks since we moved in 3 weeks ago (okay, fine, only like 5 checks. but still) It's getting reeeeeally confusing to keep track of it all.



So... I made a bills organizer! I'm going to plug in all our info tonight and make some final tweaks to it but basically it's three worksheets to organize your bills-- one sheet to write down your security deposit/autopay/general info about the bills, one sheet to write each month's individual bills & when you paid them (with a space for notes, which I'm going to use to record when Mike pays me his half), and one sheet for other notes (which is where I'll write down other random stuff we pay each other for, like taco seasoning from Amazon. normal)


Is this something that you guys would be interested in? I'm going to make a few final tweaks (and make sure it works for us!) and then probably offer it for sale, so keep an eye out in the next few weeks! :)


EDIT: Nope, decided to make it FO' FREE! Sign up for my email list to get your copy of the bills tracker!



Also, in case you weren't aware or need a reminder, breakfast for dinner IS THE BEST THING EVER. Last night we had sweet potato hash browns, fried eggs, and pancakes (half chocolate chip = Mike's request, haha) I can't remember if I've shared the pancake recipe I use? It's this one and it is soooo good!



What'd you have for dinner last night?

What are you doing this weekend?

Not sure what we're doing tonight but I know tomorrow night I'm heading to Richmond to see my college bffs! YAYYYY