Soooo for today's post I want to give you a little peak into my brain.


But first. Some random life updates because I like sharing:

Last night (and by 'last night' I mean 5:30-7pm... we're old) we celebrated St. Patty's at a bar drinking green beer. It was very festive. Also I got to try Guinness Blonde (finally!!!) It was pretty good but I think Mike described the taste best: "it tastes like a light beer, but with more flavor."


Also. You know those little "Val-pak" mailers of coupons that come in the mail every once in awhile? Basically its just coupons for local businesses. We have been keeping an eye out for good car wash coupons because we figure we should probably get a good car wash to get our cars cleaned off from the past year of Rochester road salt. We found some pretty sweet coupons for 50% off a car wash at our local Shell!


I used the coupon on Monday to get a $6 car wash (usually $12). Winner! Now cross your fingers that it doesn't snow any more so my car can stay clean, haha.


Then we headed over to Dairy Queen to take advantage of their free cone day (I know, I'm sorry I let you guys down by not mentioning it in my Monday morning post! Hopefully you saw it on my Instagram in the afternoon and went to get one! :) )


How beautiful and perfect and delicious does that look?! PS-- It took so much restraint to NOT immediately dig in to the cone but instead carry it all the way back to the table to take a picture :)


Also this weekend we celebrated St. Patty's (St. Paddy's? which do you say?) & Pi day at our friends' house and Mike and I brought green pies to celebrate both holidays!


My mom used to make this awesome frozen lemonade pie back in the day and I wanted to make that for the party. She couldn't find her original recipe but we think it was basically like this recipe. To keep with the St. Patty's theme, I substituted limeade concentrate (instead of lemon) and added green food coloring. It was awesome!


Okay now on to the peek inside my brain...


I've come up with the PERFECT overarching title for all my coaching programs and products ---->


Basically, here's how it's going to work. The Live Your Life {+still save money!} title will encompass ALL of my programs, present and future. I like it because it just describes SO PERFECTLY what I want people to achieve with my programs. Literally... I want you to live your life, and I also want you to save money :)


So at the moment, it will include the Budget Coaching program... but will include everything else I come up with down the road! Exciting!



How did you celebrate St. Patty's?