Happy Monday! What did you do this weekend?  


Mike and I had a pretty jam-packed weekend.

We spent Friday at Rochester's Lilac Festival (a 9 day festival featuring the pretty blooming lilac bushes at a nearby park!)


Saturday, we walked around Mike's parent's neighborhood- there was a neighborhood-wide yard sale! But I didn't take any pictures, so I can't prove it really happened...

Saturday afternoon we headed back to our place and then went on a tour of some new apartments that are being built nearby. We got to wear hard hats.


And we got to see the apartments under construction! It was cool.


Then we took advantage of the last day of Frapp Happy Hour with gigantic Java Chip frappuccinos. Amazing. (PS- let's be instagram friends!)



Saturday night we went out with friends and I ended the night with pizza in bed. Best decision of my life.


Sunday we celebrated Mother's day with Mike's family- they threw a big family party!  It was a very fun day but I missed spending mother's day with my Mom :(


Aaaand now we're back to the work week!



Today's topic: personal spending

So I wanted to get your opinion on something.


I am currently listening to the audiobook of Denise Duffield-Thomas' Lucky Bitch (I got access to her Lucky Bitch Boot Camp from signing up for B-school through an affiliate program).


I was really interested in one of the ideas she mentions in Lucky Bitch-- she recommends spending about 10% of your take home pay on yourself. Not on gifts for other people, and not on boring things like toothpaste and shampoo, either. She says that you should spend 10% of your money on things that you truly enjoy and really make you feel good.


I definitely agree with her, in part.


But the thing I wonder- is 10% really necessary? To me, that seems like a lot of money!


I don't feel comfortable giving people a set percentage to spend... but I do believe that you need to give yourself at least a little bit of spending money each month! If you don't have any "fun" money, you're liable to snap and go on a crazy spending spree at Target. (I know this from experience.)


If you struggle with figuring out how much you can afford to spend on yourself each month, let me know! I can help!


My Budget Coaching program is the PERFECT way to figure out how much you can allocate to "fun" spending, while still paying off debt or building your savings accounts!



Do you know how much you spend on yourself each month?

Do you think 10% is too high or too low?