I'm finally getting around to posting vacation pics! Woo!! We spent a week in Cape Cod with Mike's family and it was FANTASTIC and I already wish we could go back and relive it :( Why do vacations go by so fast?!  


So now we're back and I have the post-vacation blues. Womp womp. At least I have pictures to remember it by :)



We stayed in the CUTEST little cottage complex right off the beach. It was infested with SKUNKS though, which was bizzare. They were everywhere! And one died outside our cottage (!!!! yeah seriously) and smelled terrible. (what a good note to start this recap off with... haha sorry)


A 20 second walk from our cottage was the BEACH! It's a private beach for just the people in the complex so it was never crowded, which was awesome. The public beaches on either side were PACKED. Our setup is right in the middle of this picture-- the blue umbrella and 2 chairs. I think Mike was in one of the chairs when I took this :)


We spent 99% of our time hanging out on the beach and I loved it. So nice to have a vacation where you aren't trying to do anything-- just chill out!


The thing I have the most pictures from was our day trip to Nantucket (I kept my phone in the cottage most days since we were just hanging out at the beach and I hate getting it sandy) This is us on the ferry to Nantucket! It's only ~25 miles off Cape Cod, but about a 2 hour ferry ride.


It was a GIGANTIC ferry that carried people and cars. And HUGE trucks!! Can you believe that a boat can carry all this stuff? (And this is only one side of the boat)


Side note: I HATE BOATS. I don't like water so I therefore don't like boats. But I think I was okay on the ferry because it was so big and really didn't feel like you were on a boat?


Anyway, Nantucket was GORGEOUS.


I mean... cobblestone everywhere!


These houses!! (another side note: did you know that Nantucket, according to Wikipedia, surpasses even the HAMPTONS in terms of house prices? There's your fun fact of the day)


Our ferry back was different than the one in the morning, and it had bathrooms with WINDOWS!! For some reason I found this hilarious and awesome and had to take a picture.


(Dead skunks and pictures of bathrooms... this post is really the classiest)


Also I don't have a picture of it, but we stumbled across the jewelry shop that Meghan Trainor's parent's own! SO COOL! They had a little sign out front that said something about "our daughter, Meghan Trainor, has a record out..." and then had links to purchase her CD. Super cute!


SOOO I'm going to go drown my post-vacation blues in some iced coffee (update to that post: Yep, getting my favorite coffee creamer automatically makes any iced coffee recipe 10000x better!) and play Hilary Duff's (yes seriously) new song, Tattoo, on repeat. I'm obsessed. Her whole new CD is actually awesome and I've been playing it nonstop on Spotify for the last week while I work.



Where was your last vacation?

Where would you love to go on vacation next?