Last weekend, Mike and I were grocery shopping at our favorite store ever- Wegmans. I was picking up a bunch of asparagus (is that what it's called- a bunch?) and noticed the pre-cut, pre-washed option was sitting there too.


So I compared the prices- and my eyeballs almost fell out of my head!


It was $1.99 per pound for the unwashed, uncut asparagus which we were getting.


It was $6.49 per pound to get the washed and cut version!  HOLY COW!


The one redeeming quality of the expensive asparagus is that you can use all of it. With the asparagus I got, I'll have to cut off some of the end of each stalk (since those are really tough and generally not that delicious).  But even if I cut off 25% of each stalk- leaving me with 0.75 lbs- I would still only be paying $1.99 for the asparagus vs the $4.67 that package cost! INSANE.


(and yeah I know that package in the picture was only 0.72 lbs but let's just go with it)


The moral of this story is: don't fall for these "pre-prepared" produce scams- especially with asparagus!  You'll be paying approximately 1 billion more dollars just to save the 30 seconds it would take you to cut off the ends of the vegetable and rinse them under water.


NOT worth it.



Do you ever buy pre-cut/washed/packaged produce? Do you think it's worth it?

I've definitely gotten pineapple and watermelon in prepared packages. Those fruits are fairly tricky to prepare yourself (and Mike and I kinda struggle to eat an entire watermelon or pineapple by ourselves) so I feel a little bit better about shelling out the extra money for the prepared version!