This move taught me something important.  


For the past few years, I've known that I wanted to move around a bit.  I spent my first (almost) 25 years of life in Northern VA, only venturing a whoppin' 45 minutes south to go to college.  I knew I wanted to explore other places.


So why on earth did someone who says that she prioritizes being mobile and able to move at a moment's notice have so many things in her apartment?  (talking in third person is awkward, I'll stop that now)


When I saw our U-haul filled to the brim on moving day, I had a minor panic attack.  All that stuff is mine?!*  Why the hell do I have so muchstuff?


I was embarrassed.  (mostly because I threw out a LOT of stuff before packing... so if this is what I was left with, just imagine how much was there to begin...) So then I resolved to do something about it.


If I want to be able to move around, I've got to prioritize that goal.  I've got to get rid of things and I've got to stop buying things.  I don't need 100 pens.  I don't need 15 notebooks.  I don't need 8 sweaters that I don't even like but feel bad giving away because I bought them kinda recently.  I don't need 2 sets of measuring cups and 2 sets of measuring spoons and 8 spatulas.


Yeah, it makes my life easier to have some of those things (extra sweaters means more time between doing laundry!), but is that really what am I going for?  Am I going for an easy, convenient life?  Or am I going for a mobile, minimalist, able to move at a moment's notice life?


It's the same with finances.  If paying off your student loans or buying a house is your biggest financial goal right now, you must prioritize it!  Be sure that your spending habits are reflecting your goals.  You might think that you're moving towards your goals, but I bet you can do even better.


Today, take a few minutes to remind yourself what's most important in your life. And from then on, be sure that every decision you make supports that goal.


*Yeah, okay, some of it is Mike's too... but let's be serious, I'm sure it was 80% my crap.