First things first: how was your new year's eve? Hopefully fun and safe and not too expensive? :)  


We went to a bar downtown. I (sadly) did not wear my sequin dress. I didn't have any shoes that would go with it AND work in the snow (yeah it was snowing, booo Rochester) so I had to pick a different outfit. At least I wore a shirt with sequins, so all was not lost.



My new thing is drinking a few beers before we go to a bar then getting one beer (maybe) and then being THAT girl who orders water from the bar. I've been getting terrible hangovers in my old age (ha) and having lots of water helps avoid that! (so that's a water cup in my hand there, haha)


Anyway. Moving along to the point of this post...


Inspect before you buy!!


Last week Mike picked up a t-shirt at the mall. We glanced at it to make sure it was the one he wanted but honestly didn't even unfold it to look at the whole thing. But I mean, who woulda thought we'd need to do that?


So we get home and he's about to try it on and we realize that there's a big marker (or pen or something) stain across the back.



It was a sports tee with a number on the back in screen printing, if you can't tell what the heck that is from my great picture taking skills :) We tried to wipe the stain off but no luck-- it was not gonna come off. So we took the shirt alllllll the way back to the mall (which, okay, isn't a huge deal but it's like 20 minutes away and I just really don't like going to the mall) to exchange it. But we could have avoided all that if we had just looked at the whole shirt before buying! Like, how much easier could it be?!


And you might think you're safe from this because you try on everything before you buy. BUT what about those times that you try something on, then realize you want it in another color instead? So you just grab that other color off the rack, but you don't try it on because you tried the other color on, you just buy it! I know I do that a lot.


So let this be a lesson to you: inspect your purchases before you buy. You're forking over your hard-earned money-- make sure what you're buying is high quality!




Do you examine things before you buy them?

I definitely do NOT. I know I've been screwed over by this before, too. I remember buying a shirt one time that ended up having a huge gash in the front of it?! I guess it was shipped to the store in a box and maybe when it was cut open, the shirt was cut too? So weird.