1. Yesterday I found myself at the library and took a few minutes to do one of my favorite things:  

Read a magazine FOR FREE! Do you ever camp out at the library and read magazines? Seriously, you should try it. It's fun. Our library even gets Cosmo! I also saw Real Simple-- that's probably what I'll read next time I'm there ;) No need for mag subscriptions anymore, just go to the library! #savingmoneyonyourmagazines


2. After talking about how Mike and I were going to hit up Chipotle for Vday dinner, Karen let me know that Qdoba was running a valentine's day promotion... if you KISS someone, you can buy one smothered burrito and get one free! Check out the details here.


Soo... yeah. We will be doing that instead and saving our Chipotle freebie for a later time :) Thanks for the tip, Karen!!!


3. I'm almost done with my taxes WOOOOO! I ended up using taxact.com which seems to be a fairly easy + cheap way to do your taxes? As we get older and more complicated I'm discovering that all these ads for "free" filings are really only free if you have an easy tax situation (like not owning a home, only having one job, no student loans, etc). If you've done anything like selling stock (which I did last year, ughhh who knew that would create such an issue), those "free" services become not so free.


BUT! Tax Act is doing mine for (seemingly) free-- except for filing the state, but that's only like $15-- soooo if you are looking for a free way to do yours look into that! {and no I'm not affiliated with them, just stumbled across the site and wanted to share!}


4. I've posted this recipe like, literally, 5 billion times here but have you made these amazing chocolate chip cookies yet? This is seriously my favorite recipe ever. I made them Tuesday night and it reminded me of how amazing they are. Be sure to take them out at EXACTLY 8 minutes. They might look a little underdone but that's okay- when they cool they'll be perfectly soft and chewy. So, so good. (also, make a big batch and freeze individual cookie dough balls so you can bake them later! That's what I did in the picture above :) )


5. I'm attempting to sell my old laptop to Amazon through their trade-in program. Have you ever done that? You send them your item and get paid in Amazon gift cards. You can supposedly get a bit more than another trade in site because it's gift cards instead of cash. I use Amazon for lots of purchases so it's just as good as cash to me!


I went through all the steps yesterday and it was fairly easy.. the hard part was finding a box to ship it in, haha. (I ended up finding one at Walgreens for like $4.50?!) Fingers crossed that I actually get the price they quoted me for the laptop!


6. Strawberries were $1.99 at our local Safeway so I grabbed two containers. That is SO CHEAP! and in winter?! Then my mom reminded me that it's because valentine's day is coming and strawberries are a big vday thing I guess? Whatever, I took advantage of the cheap price and now I really want spring/summer/whenever strawberry season is to get here officially :)



Do you read magazines at the library?

What's your favorite cookie recipe?