Saturday was my 25th birthday.  Holy cow!  I feel like I just turned 21!  Where did the last 4 years go?!  


The past few months have been a little crazy.  Last year at this time, I would never have imagined that I'd be living in a brand new city (a COLD new city, at that) attempting to become self-employed.  But here I am!


Another crazy little thing before I get into a birthday recap... my friend Kraig at Young Cheap Living interviewed me on his podcast last week!  He had Cadie from My Green Gypsy and I on his show to talk about money and freedom.  In my not-at-all-biased opinion, I think it was a really good discussion ;)  Go check it out!


So, what did I do for my birthday?

The celebrations started Friday:  Mike got us tickets go to to the local planetarium for a show about coral reefs (yeah, confusing, I thought they were supposed to show you the planets but I guess they've branched out to underwater shows too...).  I had really wanted to check the planetarium out, so it was the perfect activity!


Then we walked to a local restaurant and got dinner.  No pic because it was super dark and my fancy phone photography can only do so much...


When we got home, we cracked open a growler of beer that Mike had picked up for me from a local brewery (Rohrbach!).


And we made cookies.  They were the ugliest cookies ever (we put caramel in them so that kinda stuck to the pan and made the removal process tough) but super delish.


Saturday morning we woke up and walked down to the Rohrbach brewery (it's about 1.5 mi from our house) for a beer tasting and tour [one of my favorite things to do on a date! ;) ].



Then we wandered back home and stopped to eat lunch at Great Harvest where I had the best sandwich ever.  It was so good.  Artichoke, spinach, roasted red peppers, and mozzarella.... must recreate this ASAP.



Mike installed Linux Mint on my computer!  My lil ol' Mac is getting worse and worse by the day, so we wiped it clean and Mike installed the new operating system.  So far, so good!


And my brother and sister in law came to visit!  We hung out with them Saturday and then went on a road trip Sunday to Canada.


(it's still amusing to me that we live SO close to the border that we can day-trip to another country... weird)


We went to the Canada side of Niagara Falls first.  It was super misty so we got drenched!  But we could still see most of the falls and they were awesome :)


So much mist.  I swear I'm standing in front of the falls!


Then we drove to St. Catharine's (small-ish town about 20 mins outside Niagara Falls) and walked for a bit (and got accosted by guys asking for change... thanks Phil for parking us on the sketchiest road ever).  Then we hit up a burger place for lunch where they gave you measuring cups as glasses?!  So cool.  Also my bro ordered a burger with peanut butter on it (that was a menu option!) and Mike ordered an elk burger.  So Canada, right?


Anyway.  It was an AWESOME birthday weekend and I am officially a quarter century old.  Weird.



How was your weekend?!  Any fun (& money-saving) activities?