I have a few updates for you guys today!  


#1 -- Radio debut

You might have seen this on my Instagram on Monday... Saving Money in your Twenties was mentioned on the radio! Whoop whoop!


Last Friday, Mike talked me into going to a happy hour hosted by one of the local morning radio shows, Kimberly and Beck. We got some cheap beer and ended up chatting for a bit with Beck, one of the radio show hosts! He asked what we did, and when I told him that I was starting my own company, he seemed super impressed. He grabbed a piece of paper to write down my contact info (I didn't have business cards to give him-- embarrassing. But I ordered some the very next day, haha) and told me that he would give me a shoutout on the air!



So Monday morning, I was prepping another Breakfast Casserole and listening to the radio show. Sure enough, he talked about me! I didn't get the first few seconds of the segment because I had to run into the living room to get my phone to record it... but the rest is here! (and ignore the sizzling of breakfast casserole ingredients in the background, hah!)



#2 -- Meal planning update

For anyone curious about how our meal planning experiment went: we failed miserably. Haha, I think we ate at restaurants more last week than we have any other week.


Sunday  = sushi (with a $10 off coupon)

Tuesday  = barbecue (there was a buy one get one free bbq sandwich special, so again we got two dinners for $12)

Friday  = burritos at Moe's (we had a coupon for 25% off so got two dinners for $12, not too shabby)

Saturday morning = coffee shop coffee

Saturday afternoon = tacos at Moe's (another coupon, two tacos for $4)

Sunday morning = Tim Hortons


OMG its even worse when I list it all out like that. YIKES! So yeah, we did pretty poorly. But at least almost everything used a coupon! ;)


#3 -- I'm going back to school!

Haha, okay, that's kind of an exaggeration. But I am taking a class! I enrolled in for Marie Forleo's B-School and am SO FLIPPIN EXCITED ABOUT IT!


B-School (which stands for business school) is an an 8-week online training course that teaches you all about being an online entrepreneur. I am super pumped to learn all of Marie's tips and tricks- she is one successful lady! "Class" started Monday- I don't think I've ever been as excited to LEARN as I was on Monday morning!


Anyway, I'm going to be focusing a lot of my time on that for the next 8 weeks but hopefully will keep up my 3 posts a week schedule. If anything, I might skip a Friday post or two (ain't no one got time to read blogs on Fridays anyway)... but we'll see!



#4 -- In case you were curious, it's DEFINITELY still winter in Rochester.

The weather peeps are calling for 12-18 inches of snow today. Are you kidding me?! #overit



Have you ever felt super excited to take a class? What class was it?

Also, how's the weather in your city today? Nice and warm? Cold and snowy?