This week has been crazy... in a really good way! I am working with some super awesome ladies in my budget coaching program and as I work with them, they keep inspiring new ideas for me to incorporate in the program!  


So I have spent a LOT of time this week brainstorming, creating, and reworking things. Building a 2 month program from scratch is really intense! But so, so worth it :)


In related news: do you need some help building a budget and getting control of your finances? Funny- that's exactly what I do in my Budget Coaching Program! Let's chat!


So instead of using my brain for anything smart, I will show you some pretty pictures.


1. We clean up well. This is mostly for my mom since I forgot to text her a picture of us at the wedding last weekend. (SORRY MOM! love you!) Thanks for the pic, Katie!!


2.  We visited my friend Katie in Richmond after the wedding and went on an adventure walk. ISN'T THIS PRETTY? I don't know if the picture does it justice. It kinda just looks like the underneath of a bridge... which I guess is technically true. BUT ITS PRETTY.


3. This is us admiring the above beauty.


4. I found this really interesting-- if you are sad, buying something actually makes you feel better by giving you back a sense of control! So theoretically, to beat the "sad shopping" vibes, do something else that gives you a feeling of control over your life! Maybe cleaning or organizing or working out?


5. I found my new favorite library! It has HUGE tables that are never taken and it's pretty close to our house. WIN.


6. Did you know you can freeze cheese? I had a little bit of cheddar left in the fridge before our VA road trip last weekend; I knew it was kinda getting close to the end of its life and I figured 4 more days might kill it. SOOOO I put it in the freezer (in a plain ol' ziploc bag) and then defrosted it when we got back. It worked really well! The texture changed a little bit- you can see in the pic but it kinda got crumbly so I wouldn't recommend eating it on it's own, but it definitely worked with other food (like in a burrito!)


7. We went to a neighboring town's "Canal Days" a few weeks ago. (canal days because it's on the Erie Canal! Still so crazy to me...) They have this bridge that RAISES INTO THE AIR WHEN BOATS GO BY! How cool is that?


8. The other day I was running errands and happened to glance at my phone and IT TOLD ME WHERE MY CAR WAS PARKED!!!! How freakin' cool is that?! I guess it can tell when you are driving and then can tell when you stop and start walking somewhere? I am half amazed, half incredibly creeped out. Technology these days...


9. We have been on a pizza kick lately. Homemade pizzas are SO GOOD! This one had green pepper, eggplant, onion, and artichoke -- and cheese on my half ;) But we learned that we should pre-cook the veggie toppings... the onion didn't really cook at all, and I'm not a big fan of raw onion.



What are your weekend plans? Do you ever make homemade pizza?