Mike likes to make fun of me for my shopping habits.  


He says I take forever to go shopping because I have to debate EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM and its purchase price/unit price before I commit to buying it.


And to be honest, he's totally right. I am the slowest shopper ever. But sometimes it pays off! Like this weekend.


We found ourselves at Target, standing in the dish sponge aisle. We haven't replaced our sponge since we moved 6 months ago (is that gross? probably. oops) so we needed a new one.


As usual, I was debating the merits of each individual sponge.


I reached for a 4 pack of Scotch Brite sponges when we suddenly realized the holy grail of price shopping was in front of us: two identical prices for TWO DIFFERENT PRODUCTS.


Lookie here.


Do you see what's going on?


I'll zoom in for ya.


This is a 4pk of sponges for $4.99. That's the one I was originally going to buy.


UNTIL WE SAW THIS. This, my friends, is a 6 pack (!!!) of the same exact sponges for THE SAME PRICE! $4.99.


Why on earth these two options were priced the same, I have no idea.


All I know is that my OCD price checking finally paid off and we are the proud owners of 6 brand new sponges.





Do you pay attention to prices like this? Please tell me you're as anal about unit price as I am?? ;)