1.  It's a great (free!) work location.

I don't even have to buy a coffee to use the wifi! And there is usually lots of area to work. Every library I've encountered has plenty of desks, tables, even little cubbies, that you can camp out at.



2.  Free magazines.

I really like reading magazines. I don't know what it is- the glossy pages, pretty pictures?- but there's just something about reading magazines. I used to have a few subscriptions, but cut those out to save some moolah. I recently remembered that the library has TONS of free magazines to browse!

Just look at this assortment of totally normal magazines! (they have some weirder ones, too, but you can just ignore those)


I read the latest edition of Health fo' free!



3.  Free books.

Did I even need to say that?



4.  Free e-books and audiobooks.

Well- every library system I've encountered offers these, but not sure if all of them do!

I download audiobooks to my phone to listen on my daily walks. And I don't have a Kindle, but I know you can rent Kindle books!



5.  Free DVDs.

(again-- not all libraries have these, but those I've encountered do!)

I have been blown away by the selection of DVDs at my library! Just like the magazines-- you wouldn't expect the library to have good DVDs, but they surprisingly do! (and of course, some weird ones)


There are some pretty good workout DVDs too, if you're looking to switch up your exercise routine.


Are you getting my drift?

There are a whole lot of FREE things at your library! Check it out!

Disclaimer: This post is only slightly influenced by the fact that my Mom is a librarian so I grew up loving libraries ;)



Do you have a library card? Wait! Don't tell me if you don't-- I might disown you. GO GET ONE RIGHT NOW!! What are you waiting for?!