This is a really random post. Kinda doesn't have much to do with finances. BUT... I find it helpful so I wanted to share :)  


For those of you with duvets/duvet covers, isn't it the most annoying thing in the WORLD to wash the duvet cover and put it back on?! I used to think so.


I would seriously dread washing the duvet cover (and therefore wouldn't wash it very often... whoops) just because I didn't want to deal with putting it back on. I recently figured out a super fast way to get it back on the bed, so I wanted to share with you!!


Step 1: Lay out (cleaned and dried) duvet cover on bed INSIDE OUT (very important. Inside out.)


Step 2: Safety pin the 4 corners of the duvet to the corners of duvet cover. This keeps the duvet from getting bunched up in the duvet cover! Some duvets/covers have fancy ties that you can use... mine don't. So I safety pin and hope that the pins won't come undone and stab me while sleeping.


Step 3: Open up the duvet cover-- remember the cover is inside out so the inside is acutally what we want on the outside. Reach your hand inside the cover until you reach the far corner...


Step 4: ... and grab the safety pinned combo of duvet + cover and pull it toward you, out of the inside-out duvet cover. Do the same with the other corners, so that all 4 corners have been pulled out of the inside out cover and the cover is more or less right-side out.


Step 5: Make sure it's all right-side out, flatten on your bed, button/zip/close the duvet cover up and BOOM! You're done. So much easier and faster than my original method :)




Do you have a duvet cover?

What are your plans this weekend?

Ps. Don't forget that it's Father's Day this Sunday! :) HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DAD!