A few weeks ago, Sol posted about the ways that he reuses Sriracha bottles.  


That post got me thinking- how many ways do I reuse random containers (and other household items)?


1. Reusing a metal Tazo Tea container for other types of bagged teas.


2. Repurposing a bunch of food containers to store leftovers. The above pic shows what used to be a glass jelly jar, two plastic greek yogurt containers, and a sprinkles container. I use all of these on a weekly basis to hold leftovers. I used to use that glass jar EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. when I was working to transport my oatmeal.


NOTE: I know all the organic/hippie/activists are super against plastic containers as food storage- especially when you are reheating things. I would recommend putting your food into a microwave safe container if you are reheating it- not one of these plastic containers that isn't meant to be heated!


3. We have also had success reusing glass salsa containers as to-go cups for pregame drinks! (I realize this pic makes it look like we were drinking and driving... FALSE! This is just where I remembered to take a picture, haha)


4. Corral plastic bags in an oatmeal container!


5. This picture is actually part of a post I'm drafting about homemade cleaning supplies BUT in the meantime, take a look at that pile of "rags" on the right side of the picture. Those are pieces of an old cut up white t-shirt. The shirt was a few years old and not even bleach was bringing it back to its original white glory- so I cut it up and now use it as a rag!


6. You might have seen this listed in one of those "101 ways to hack your life" posts- but it totally works! Use an old toilet paper tube to wrangle your extension cords!


And in other news, when I was home in VA I realized where I get this "repurposing old items" gene... from my mom.


The picture above would be a Baskin' Robbins' tasting spoon that is AT LEAST 10 years old- my mom saved that tasting spoon and has used it ever since as her sugar spoon.


Now I know where I get it! ;)



Do you reuse household items? Please share- I'd love to get some more ideas!