Have you ever bought something that you didn't really need but just kinda wanted? And as soon as your excitement and buyer's high wears off, you immediately make yourself feel guilty for spending that money?  



The Picture Frame Incident

Let me take you back to my picture frame/home decor buying spree last summer. I spent close to $100 on random stuff for our apartment. I didn't need ANY of it, but just had a weird urge to start decorating our apartment. The purchases that stand out the most from the shopping spree were some cute picture frames that I found at Target (of course).

The frames were seriously adorable and I impulsively decided to get them (even though they were each like $15 and I could have gotten perfectly good frames for $5)

But immediately upon returning home, I started feeling guilty.

"Why did I spend $30 on two silly picture frames? That is SO unnecessary. I don't need these! What was I thinking?? I could have spent that money much more wisely. That's like 5 burritos at Chipotle!"


Has that ever happened to you?

Sure, you might enjoy the item, but your guilt for spending that money immediately overshadows your enjoyment. What a terrible feeling, right?

We've got to stop doing that to ourselves!


If you regret a purchase, that purchase becomes a complete waste.

No. Actually, it becomes WORSE than a waste. You wasted money on it and now you're wasting emotional energy on it beating yourself up about spending the money. It's a double whammy of waste.


Instead, let's try a revolutionary idea: just freakin' ENJOY your purchases! (unless you really did spend money on something dumb and you can return it. In that case, just return it...)


I honestly think that being unhappy/guilty completely negates the purchase. It's like you never bought anything!


(And the worst case scenario is that your solution for feeling guilty is retail therapy... so you go and buy something else and make yourself feel guilty for that. Haha- never ending cycle right there.)


My story, thankfully, has a happy ending: I snapped myself out my guilt trip and gave myself permission to love the frames. Now, whenever I see them, I feel happy- not guilty :)


Does this happen to you?

This post might sound silly to you- and maybe it is. But I know I struggle with this annoying spending-money-guilt sometimes and I'm sure I'm not alone!

If you have trouble with figuring out how much you can spend each month, let's chat! I can help you discover the things that are truly important in your life, and we can set up a budget for those things that make you happy.



Have you ever regretted a purchase? What was it, and why did you regret it?