We're back from our Rhode trip (hahahaha, I still think that's funny) and I'll share pics from the trip on Wednesday!! :)


Oh, except this one. Aren't my friends pretty? :) Also, we are standing in front of the OCEAN, not a white wall... but it was so foggy outside that you can't even see anything behind us!! CRAZY! Ps stole your pic, thanks Katie! <3


I think one of the hardest parts about being in your 20s in this day in age is that we are subjected to SO MUCH MEDIA on a daily basis that makes us feel inadequate. We see Instagram posts of people’s perfectly-decorated apartments, Facebook updates that show us someone’s brand new car, and blog posts about the fanciest new fashion trends. No matter where we turn, we’re seeing products that we think, “Hey, that person has [insert fancy item here]… I should have one too!”


Whenever you start to feel that way, take a step back and remember that even though it might seem like a lot of people have something and therefore it’s a “normal” purchase, it’s NOT!!!


Let’s look at a few of these seemingly normal purchases…

Stitchfix—This is essentially paying to be subjected to advertisements. Back in the day, we would see pretty clothes in magazines and wish we had them. Now, we pay a monthly fee to have someone deliver pretty clothes IN OUR EXACT SIZE and we try them on…. and come on, how hard is it to send something back once you see that it looks good on you? Basically impossible. Stitchfix is very much a LUXURY service so don’t feel bad about yourself if you don’t do it!


Keurigs—These things have taken the coffee world by storm. Let me say one thing: ITS NOT NORMAL TO HAVE ONE. That is an incredibly luxurious service: making one perfect cup of coffee at a time?! Even though seemingly everyone and their mother owns a keurig and enough fancy k-cups to caffeinate a small army, it’s still not normal. Buy a normal coffee maker (I like French presses!) and make coffee the regular way. No expensive k-cups needed.


iPhones—I will be honest that I still get a bit of iPhone envy when I see other people with theirs (and using emojis that I can’t use or see on my Android phone! BOO) but then I remember that iPhones are actually LUXURIES and not everyone has one. I promise. (Side note: looking for a cheaper phone plan? I pay $10/mo for my Republic Wireless plan and it’s amazing… check ‘em out!)


Amazon Prime—Do you remember back in the day when you had to reach that magical $25 (now $35) price in order to qualify for free shipping, and how you kept a meticulous list of items so that the eventual day when you have enough in your cart you can order everything? Now everyyyyyone seems to have Amazon Prime and it makes me feel like a weirdo for not having it! But remember… it’s a LUXURY service! You aren’t weird if you don’t have it!


Daily Starbucks trips—Yeah, every time you open Instagram you see someone’s picture of an iced coffee. It’s impossible to avoid. But you know what they aren’t posting nearly as much? Pictures of their homemade coffees. That’s not nearly as fun or trendy to post, so people don’t do it, which leads you to think that people only ever go to Starbucks for their caffeine fix. But newsflash! Having someone make your daily coffee is a LUXURY. You aren’t weird if you don’t do it. You’re smart.


Basically what I’m trying to say here is… don’t let social media “normalize” these luxury items in your head. THEY’RE STILL LUXURIES! Just because everyone seems to be posting about them doesn’t mean it’s normal.


Side note: this old post about “Redefine Your Normal” is kinda in the same idea! I forgot how much I liked writing that post... go check it out :)



Let's play a game. Look around the room you're currently in and list all the awesome fancy/luxury items that you already own. Ready... go!!

Me: moleskine planner, a MACBOOK AIR (sometimes I forget how awesome my computer is... I'm just so used to it now!), Internet, B&BW Peach Bellini Candle, fancy pens, Ikea desk, my favorite jeans from American Eagle :)