It's the beginning of the year (duh) which means it's resolution setting time.  


If you haven't yet set your 2015 resolutions... I've got one for you! How about this: WAKE UP EARLIER!



Sounds a bit weird, huh? How on earth can waking up early save you money?


Here's my thought. Instead of sleeping in right up until the last minute, not leaving yourself enough time to make breakfast so you grab coffee & a breakfast sandwich on the way to work, no time to pack lunch so you've gotta grab that out, too... instead of all that happening, what if you woke up a bit earlier and had time to remedy those situations?


You can make yourself a homemade latte (I've said this before, but a milk frother is a great tool to make your coffee seem fancy!)


Or make egg breakfast casserole (still one of my favorite recipes EVER)...


And maybe even a batch of muffins! ...


You can even have time to pack your lunch!


Other than food-related tasks, you could take some time to clean out your closet (YES I totally believe cleaning out your clothes will save you money... you'll be happier with your current wardrobe, so no need to go shopping!)...


Or you could even take some time to plan out your weekly schedule so that you're as efficient as possible with your time (& money)! How many times have you forgotten an event and then you have to pick up a gift or item at the last minute, and you spend much more money than if you had been able to get it earlier?


Full disclosure: I'm really trying to stick to this resolution! I want to wake up at the same time as Mike in the morning (instead of going back to bed for 30 mins or an hour, whoops) so that I have more time to do stuff like this. I've been slacking at making my breakfast casseroles, so I'm hoping that an extra bit of time in the morning might give me time to start that back up again. (Of course, that'll have to wait until we MOVE since we're almost out of food so I'm scraping together some weird leftover meals for breakfast-- yesterday's breakfast was a piece of toast with cheese, leftover baked beans, and one pancake. Totally normal..)



Do you set resolutions?

Do you think you can wake up earlier in the morning to fit in some money saving activities like this?