hahaha omg this may be my most clever post title EVER!  


As you're reading this... Mike and I are in the car on the way to RHODE ISLAND! get the post title now? Rhode Tripping? ahhhhh hahahaha I crack myself up. I'm also positive that joke has been made thousands of times before buuuuut whatev ;)


So yeah! One of my friends from college is getting MARRIED this weekend in RI and I am so pumped! I've only been to RI once, and that was on the way to Cape Cod 2 years ago, and we really only stopped to get gas so that we could say we had been "in" Rhode Island. So actually staying there now is so exciting! Also we're renting a gigantic house with all our friends (+ bride and groom!) so it's going to be so fun to hang out together all weekend!!


Hopefully Mike and I can take another fancy pic like this :) (this one was from a wedding last summer!)


Anywayyyyy... hope you have an AWESOME Friday and WEEKEND!!



What are you excited for this weekend?

Me = SEEING MY BFFS and spending the weekend together! WOO!