By the time you read this, I'll (hopefully, depending on how slow/lazy I am in the morning) be on the road back to VA for the week- whoop whoop!  


It's been almost 3 months since I've seen my family- which is INSANITY. When we first moved to Rochester, I was making trips down there every month or so.


Now it's been forevaaaa and I can't wait to get back down there. Surprisingly, I'm actually looking forward to the drive too, which is something I used to dread.


Well- maybe I'm not so much looking forward to the actual drive, but specifically....


listening to my book on tape! (that's how I store them while I drive-- shove them in the visors so that when I have to change disks, I can just reach up and grab the next one!) This time I rented (from the library, of course) Celebrity in Death. Another murder mystery, same series as I usually listen to. There's like 40 in the series... so I have a lot of driving to do before I make it though all of them ;)



I'm also looking forward to pit stops at Sheetz for coffee...



...and $2 subs. Side note: I still think that's the best pic I've ever taken, haha. That makes me crave a sub every time I look at it.



Oh and the views are pretty nice, too. Although I'm thinking it won't be quite as green and sunny out as it was in this picture :(


Welp, see ya from Virginia!



What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you traveling anywhere?

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