Okay- finally recuperated from our trip to Rochester this weekend :) We had the BEST time going back to visit-- not going to lie, I do miss it a little bit. Just not the weather (it was in the 30s and SNOWING on Friday?! what on earth?! Its the end of April!!!)



First-- I spent a good chunk of our drive time attempting to re-lace my shoes. I didn't like how they originally came, and then I redid them, but still didn't like it, so tried to figure out how to do it properly. Side note: I cannot remember the last time I had to re-lace shoes but I feel like I was always doing it as a child?? Hm. Anyway, here's my final product for laces and also my favorite road trip stop ever-- Sheetz :)



Somewhere in New York, I believe. The clouds looked cool. Also, it was hour ~5 of the drive and I was bored.


Friday morning. IT WAS SNOWING. Unacceptable, Rochester.


Mike and I spent Friday walking around our old neighborhood :) I miss it!!!


And hit up our favorite restaurant (Dogtown!) for garbage plates, mmmm. Mine (front) is baked beans, macaroni salad, a veggie hot dog, and vegetarian chili with mustard on top. Yeah. Amazing.


Then we went to a new brewery that opened JUST after we moved-- Swiftwater Brewing! The beer was very good and the brewery was really nice inside. I was a fan.


Saturday was a bit sunnier & warmer so we went on a walk around this super cute lake (I call it a lake but Mike calls it a pond, I guess up there 'lake' is used with things like the Great Lakes, not small neighborhood bodies of water like this, haha)


We spent the rest of Saturday with Mike's family + went to a play that Mike's brother was in!! (Spring Awakening-- anyone seen it??)


And Sunday was the (looooong) drive home. I forgot how long 6.5 hours in a car is... blah.


Now we're home and finally recovered... but I might not be unpacked yet. Oops. :)



Is it spring where you are yet?

(or, for my Australian/southern hemisphere peeps, is it fall yet? :) )