By the time you read this (I'm writing this on Thursday to be posted Friday) Mike and I will be back in good ol' Virginia! We're down there for a wedding- two of my friends from college are gettin' hitched! Whoop whoop! If we're instagram friends, you can follow along on the trip with me ;)  


Today, I have a challenge for you. Not a Saving Money Challenge, like my monthly emails (are you signed up for those yet? Get on that ASAP!), but just a regular old challenge.


Well, now that I think about it, I guess it'll help you save money...


Anyway. Let's get to it.


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You should be drinking more water than you are. I guarantee. No one drinks enough of it. It's cheap and healthy- what more reasons do you need?


Water is cheap.

Compared to other drinks (milk, juice, soda, coffee, alcohol) water is ridiculously cheap. And I'm not talking about that fancy sparkling water stuff- just plain ol' water. Possibly filtered by a Brita or something of the sort.


Water is so crazy cheap that I really can't figure out why more people don't take advantage of it as their main beverage!


And it's healthy.

Putting aside the frugality factor, water is SO GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously- think back to all the Dr. Oz episodes you've seen, all the diet articles you've read in Cosmo... what does everyone recommend for healthy skin, hair, losing weight, feeling better, basically everything under the sun?


They tell ya to drink more water!


So why the heck wouldn't you listen to them? :)



How can you start drinking more?

If you're starting from just a few sips a day and trying to build up to 8 glasses/cups/whatever they recommend- just be patient. This probably won't be an easy overnight change! Like everything else, I recommend taking baby steps :)


My water drinking tips

--> Try different temperatures of water. I'm not a fan of cold water- I prefer room temp or sliiiiightly warmer than room temp.

--> Add lemon slices (or bottled lemon juice- that's what I do!) or cucumber slices. Or browse Pinterest for some of their approximately 47 billion fruit/herb infused water recipes.

--> Get a reeeeeally big water bottle and challenge yourself to drink it all by the end of the day. A challenge always motivates me!

--> Drink water while eating meals instead of coffee or juice or soda or alcohol. I've done this so long that I almost can't stand to drink anything BESIDES water now with my meals (and occasionally milk since that's what I grew up with!)

--> Really don't like the taste of plain water? Make tea! Green tea is especially good for you- something about antioxidants and stuff? Try some black/green/white/herbal tea and see what you like best. Try to just drink it plain- adding a bunch of sugar probably negates some of the health benefits, hah ;)


Bonus: your body will get addicted, and then it'll be reeeeal easy to drink more.

I am convinced: once I started drinking more water, my body started craving water more. It's weird- I think I get "thirsty" easier than other people just because I am so used to drinking water 24/7! So I drink more water, and then it makes me crave water more, and so on. It's a never ending cycle.


Oh, and don't forget the environment.

Get a reusable bottle. It's cheaper and is nice to our planet :)

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What's your favorite beverage? What are your water-drinking tips?

I don't know why I ask questions like this because I hate choosing my "favorite" anything. I'm kind of indecisive so it gives me anxiety to pick just one. So I'll ignore my own question and give you my top 4:

  • water- yes seriously, I'd count it as one of my favorite beverages
  • tea, hot or iced (current favorite = blackberry sage)
  • iced coffee
  • lemonade